Kaspersky Anti-Virus Web Scanner

Kudos to our development folks who’ve come up with a public beta version of the interesting KAV Web Scanner, a free service which scans your computer for viruses, and runs directly from a web page on our site.

We encourage everybody go ahead and take a look:

Please keep in mind this is not a finished product so we are especially interested in any opinions and/or suggestions you may have. Feedback, queries and (ahem) bug reports should go to: webscannerbeta (at) kaspersky (dot) com

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Web Scanner

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  1. Wim van Grimbergen

    Dear Kaspersky,
    Our (Para-)Olympic sports club was hacked 2 months ago and as a result of that now listed on under Kaspersky as a Phishing site.
    Meanwhile the site has been cleaned and completely updated. Can you please remove your phishing results.
    Thanks in advance
    Wim van Grimbergen
    Sportsclub s.v. de Grensstreek Belfeld

    1. Securelist

      Dear Wim van Grimbergen,
      We sent your request to our anti-phishing specialists.

      Securelist team.


APT trends report Q3 2021

The APT trends reports are based on our threat intelligence research and provide a representative snapshot of what we have discussed in greater detail in our private APT reports. This is our latest installment, focusing on activities that we observed during Q3 2021.

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According to older public researches, Lyceum conducted operations against organizations in the energy and telecommunications sectors across the Middle East. In 2021, we have been able to identify a new cluster of the group’s activity, focused on two entities in Tunisia.

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While investigating a recent rise of attacks against Exchange servers, we noticed a recurring cluster of activity that appeared in several distinct compromised networks. With a long-standing operation, high profile victims, advanced toolset and no affinity to a known threat actor, we decided to dub the cluster GhostEmperor.

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