GReAT Ideas. Powered by SAS: threat actors advance on new fronts

The third edition of ‘GReAT Ideas. Powered by SAS’, a series of talks held by security researchers from Kaspersky’s GReAT (Global Research and Analysis Team), will conclude this summer with an even more lively discussion, sharing the latest expertise and new hot topics in the cybersec world. Join us online on August 26 at 14:00 GMT.

Just like before, ‘GReAT Ideas’ will arm you with information about the threat landscape, including the most recent cases and techniques used in the cybersecurity world, directly from the experts themselves. Enjoy over two hours of presentations and discussions on cutting edge tools, current projects and the most recent APTs discovered by GReAT.

Time (GMT)
14:00 Looking for sophisticated malware in IoT devices by Noushin Shabab
14:30 Cyber-mercenaries: a private intelligence service goes on the hunt by Maher Yamout, Ivan Kwiatkowski and Pierre Delcher
14:50 Not so TransparentTribe: new tools and mobile APT campaigns by Giampaolo Dedola
15:10 HolyWater: a unique insight into a recent water-holing campaign by Ivan Kwiatkowski, Pierre Delcher and Felix Aime
15:30 Using Twitter for open-source intelligence during the COVID-19 pandemic by Santiago Pontiroli
15:45 AMA session
16:15 End of program