GReAT Ideas. Green Tea Edition

GReAT Ideas kicks off this year with a Green Tea Edition led by Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team from the APAC region. The experts based in Japan, Korea and beyond will present their top-notch APT research, discuss the latest cybersecurity incidents and give a workshop on how to tackle one of the pains of reverse engineering.

Initiated to quench the thirst for both the long-missed offline cybersecurity events held among a cozy atmosphere and light-hearted talks about what’s going on in the cybersecurity field, GReAT Ideas carries on with its goal to support, inspire, and most importantly, bring the cybersec community together more often.
Join us for a warm conversation over a few drinks this February!


14:00 What’s on: fireside chat with John Hultquist, VP, Threat Intelligence, FireEye and Brian Bartholomew, Kaspersky
14:30 A deep dive into the ThreatNeedle cluster of Lazarus group, Seongsu Park, Kaspersky
14:45 APT10: Tracking down the stealth activity of the A41APT campaign, Suguru Ishimaru, Kaspersky, Yusuke Niwa and Motohiko Sato, ITOCHU Corporation, Charles Li, Team T5 and Hajime Yanagishita, Macnica Networks
15:10 Unpacking exercise on Themida and VMProtect, Vitaly Kamlyuk, Head of Kaspersky’s GReAT in APAC
15:25 Q&A
16:00 End of program