GReAT Ideas. Powered by SAS: threat hunting and new techniques

Kaspersky returns with the second edition of ‘GReAT Ideas. Powered by SAS’, a series of talks held by security researchers from Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) who specialize in uncovering APTs, cyber-espionage campaigns, major malware and underground cyber-criminal trends across the world. Inspired by the regular team internal meet-ups, the events are aimed at sharing the latest expertise on hot tech topics.

On July 22, ‘GReAT Ideas’ will once again arm you with the latest information about the threat landscape. This time, GReAT researchers will discuss curious malware specimens and campaigns, and the new techniques that they have implemented in threat hunting and detection.

Join us to enjoy the friendly atmosphere of a cybersecurity conference from home!

14:00 Clearing the WellMess: a technical look at recent attacks by Brian Bartholomew
14:25 Threat hunting in new kicks: using VirusTotal code similarity with KTAE by Ariel Jungheit
14:50 Cloud Snooper – detecting a Linux rootkit at scale by Pierre Delcher
15:15 GReAT thoughts: Awesome IDA Pro Plugins by Boris Larin
15:40 Unmasking COVID-19 cyber-badness: content filtering at a worldwide level by Dmitry Bestuzhev and Fabio Assolini
16:00 AMA session
16:30 End of program