Kaspersky Lab Analyst’ Summit

Working in a multi-national company such as KL means that you get to speak with lots of people from all around the world on a daily basis, but you rarely get the chance to see everybody together in one place.

That is why every once in a while we have a meeting for all the people in the company analysing viruses and reasearching security threats called “The Analyst Summit”. In the pictures below you will recognize some of the names writing to the blog, but also people working in the Virus Lab, developing our AV engine and the various components of it.

Kaspersky Lab Analyst Summit Photo

Upper row, from left to right: Shane Coursen – KL USA, Yury Mashevsky, Denis Nazarov, Sergey Bogukovsky, Costin Raiu – KL Romania, Alexey Monastyrsky

Lower row, from left to right: David Emm – KL UK, Aleks Gostev, Marc Blanchard – KL France, Eugene Kaspersky, Roel Schouwenberg – KL BNL, Sergey Anoufrienko.

Kaspersky Lab Analyst’ Summit

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