I, Spy

Microsoft has just announced the availability of their Anti-Spyware software tool, based on previous code purchased at the end of the past year from NY-based “Giant”. The software download is a 6.4MB executable which can be obtained from:

Keep in mind that as any other beta software, this may have unexpected results. Test it on a spare system before running it on your production servers!

Also keep in mind that KAV can detect and remove many kinds of spyware by simply activating the download and usage of ‘extended databases’, in the Updater Configuration panel.

I, Spy

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The leap of a Cycldek-related threat actor

The investigation described in this article started with one such file which caught our attention due to the various improvements it brought to this well-known infection vector.

Lazarus targets defense industry with ThreatNeedle

In mid-2020, we realized that Lazarus was launching attacks on the defense industry using the ThreatNeedle cluster, an advanced malware cluster of Manuscrypt (a.k.a. NukeSped). While investigating this activity, we were able to observe the complete life cycle of an attack, uncovering more technical details and links to the group’s other campaigns.

Sunburst backdoor – code overlaps with Kazuar

While looking at the Sunburst backdoor, we discovered several features that overlap with a previously identified backdoor known as Kazuar. Our observations shows that Kazuar was used together with Turla tools during multiple breaches in past years.

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