Congratulations, you’ve won! The reality behind online lotteries

It’s amazing how often we get a message telling us we’ve won the lottery. These glad tidings share plenty of similarities: the winner is notified that he has won a handsome sum of money in a certain lottery and must contact a lottery official to receive it. Sounds tempting, but alas, this is nothing more than network fraud .

In order to receive the winnings, the user is asked to send money – ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars – to a specified account. This is ostensibly to meet expenses like money transfer commission, taxes, fees for opening a bank account, etc. The “lucky winner” often sees this money as insignificant in comparison to the sum they’ve just won. However, once they receive the “fee”, the fraudsters disappear, and the unwary user has little chance of ever finding them.

Be careful! Do not fall for these scams!

Telltale signs of lottery fraud

So, how can a user identify a fraudulent message?

The answer is simple: if you haven’t participated in a lottery, all “winning” messages are fraudulent.

The reader’s next question may be: what if I have in fact taken part in a lottery in the hope of a big win?

If the prize draw has actually taken place and you have actually participated in the lottery, you will be addressed by your name (or the number of the lottery ticket that you purchased), and the letter will contain the address and the name of the company that organized the lottery.

Fake lottery win notifications may come in a variety of shapes and sizes. A lot of them contain bad spelling mistakes. This is a sure sign of a fraudulent message. Serious lottery companies have editors and copywriters to make sure their letters are written properly.

In some cases, the fake messages are well written, but they are sent from public mail servers like, or Please remember that messages from a reputable company are always sent from corporate addresses.

In some fake lottery messages, you may be asked to reply to an e-mail address which is different from the sender’s address, e.g. to the address of an “agent” or “manager”.

In other words, a fake lottery message will always contain some type of discrepancy. Watch out for them.


Here are some typical ‘Lottery letters’ that make use of the ploys most favored by the fraudsters.

A European lottery…in Nigeria

One email informs recipients that they have won a prize in a European lottery:

Expressions such as “your email address was selected” or “your address has won” are telltale signs that the message is part of a scam. After all, you haven’t used your address to participate in a prize draw, have you? And even if you have, it was unlikely to have been the European lottery named here.

If nothing else, the request to contact a Mr. Marshall Ellis in Nigeria, who for some reason uses the public service, is bound to convince us that what we are dealing with here is spam – lottery organizers just don’t ask winners to contact them at their personal email addresses. All communication in such cases would be sent to and from a business address. Moreover, if the lottery is European, then why does Mr. Ellis reside in Nigeria?

Highly inquisitive users may well wonder about the domain from which the message was sent. Their suspicions would be confirmed. Yes, that’s right, no such site actually exists. Instead, the browser redirects to (World News). There is no sign of a lottery at the site and never has been.

Participating in lotteries without knowing about it

The second message promises a lottery win from Coca Cola, but, inexplicably, is sent from a French Yahoo! server:

The fraudsters obviously expect some recipients to suspect a scam and attempt to convince them otherwise. Here’s another example of a scam that no doubt appears to be perfectly plausible from its authors’ point of view:

We won’t bother citing this rather long message, which is designed to look like an email from Google, in full. We only want to draw your attention to the second paragraph where it states: “The online draws was conducted by a random selection of email addresses from an exclusive list of E-mail addresses of individuals and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet. However, no tickets were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation and privacy.”


It’s easier to get the victim to take the bait if the fake lottery uses the name of a reputable organization, be it Coca Cola or Google, BMW or McDonald’s, Microsoft or Yahoo! Unfortunately, these companies cannot do anything about random fraudsters exploiting their names for their own ends.

These messages claim to come from large companies which are allegedly conducting lotteries. The attachments contain more “you won” messages. But why would representatives of all these companies send messages from public mail servers like Gmail or MSN?

Should you receive an email of this type, visit the specific company’s official website; most likely, you will find that the company is not actually holding a lottery of any kind. Furthermore, if you Google “Coca Cola lottery”, “Yahoo lottery”, “Google lottery” etc., you will receive links to articles describing this type of online fraud with specific examples and even victims’ stories.

Lost in translation

The Google Translate service has made life much easier for online fraudsters with international ambitions. If earlier their target audience was limited to their compatriots, now they can send messages to users all over the world. We routinely receive such notifications in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Polish, Norwegian and a number of other languages, not to mention Russian.

Below are examples of the joint creative efforts of the fraudsters and translating machines. The sample texts are in English, German and Spanish.

We can’t really imagine that any of our readers would be suckered by such linguistic creations, but still, we urge all users to be cautious. Real lottery organizers would not mutilate a language like that in the above examples.


We could go on forever with examples of fake lottery win messages. According to Kaspersky Lab’s statistics, messages like this can make up as much as three percent of all spam in any given month – that’s thousands of messages. To avoid falling victim to online fraud, you need to follow some simple rules:

  1. Remember, you cannot win a cash prize in a lottery you have not participated in.
  2. Do not trust automatically translated messages or those containing obvious mistakes.
  3. Always check the sender’s email address(es). Lottery organizers will not send messages from free mail services.
  4. If you still think the message you have received is about a real win, check all the information. Use search engines to look at the lottery name, the senders’ names and telephone numbers. Among the search results you may find detailed commentary.
  5. Most importantly, always remember: there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Congratulations, you’ve won! The reality behind online lotteries


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  1. Suresh P M

    I got an coca-cola award wining online lottery promotions message. It is true or false I don’t know. But I do not deposit money for registration. I told bank officers in our near branch bank they told me this a fraud message. Then I turned website similar ads are posted, they were pointing me same as fraud messages. If a online lottery getting more money but we pay advance amount then several problems getting prizes even if true or false message arriving e-mail:

    1. Ahmed AWADH

      I have received a massage from Coca-Cola too,but it’s an office mail not free mail. Also I received it as a word Dec with nobody mail. And it just (50, 000) out of (500, 000).

      1. Nurki


        1. Muhammad ishfaq

          i am getting a lot lottery spam

      2. Tabassum nawaz

        This is Unbelievable

    2. victor ferrell

      You have a fraudulent award letter.

      1. Angelica

        Come on Guys ,do not give any of your personal details to these scamsters all they want to do is get your details and bleed you dry .Stay alert and stay alive

    3. Prathyusha

      Thanks for your review it helped me a lot.
      I got an email that I won a iPhone and laptop and money from coca cola.

    4. jocelyn mcdonald

      i think that i have won money from coca cola

    5. Aiby

      I’m getting a lot of lottery spam, I’m a HRM.

    6. Victor murimi

      Lets hope is true have won the online lotteries

    7. Zeinab

      This a fake lottery

  2. Caroline

    Youre missing the point. All lotteries are scams. They are a hiddien tax on the working masses

  3. Sandra Fabian

    Hello, the message below I received on Skype. I didn’t pay attention to it, but this morning, I decided to google for scam.
    Already several mistakes of the writing on this e-mail.
    I know It’s a scam.
    Thank you.

    LUCKY DAY ONLINE LOTTERY would like to add you on Skype

    Enter a message to introduce yourself.Dear Skype Owner.

  4. Lordomi

    I also got a scam email from some 4 letter 3 number random sender (like xmdc604) with something like EVO corporation 2lucky winners aganist ebola stuff. weird that im 4 out of the 2 winners…

    1. Lorenzo Rosas

      I’ve recived the same mail too! I’m wondering where did they got the emails… I’m not even from an english country..

      1. Terence

        I have just received a message from chrome telling me that I have won 300,000dollars from Google. It says that it was a random selection for those have been using Google search engine.

      2. Marthi


  5. Marcos

    Recibi de EVO corporacion un email con una imagen en el cuerpo del mail.
    con las caracteristicas de fraudes mencionadas.

  6. Prabhat singh

    I got a lottery mail from SONY UK. It claim i have won some amount of money and Phone. I have sent some information like name, address, Photo. not card details, It is so because this mail had sent from Further after reading that it is a scam i got scared. will they do anything with it?

  7. Alex

    I got an email from (IWON)…It said that they wanted to pay me $104,000.00 because of some Ebola fight… And they said I should sen information (Full name, residential or working address, telephone and mobile number, age, and occupation/job, to:
    Such a dumb scam…

  8. ziad

    Thanks for this

  9. Franki

    Thank you so much for this article!! I just got one that looked so legit from ‘Google’ & when I began to research it I couldn’t find anything to help until I stumbled onto your stuff! Keep it up 🙂

  10. tony

    Wow I’m so glad I look into this I never heard of it which I guess is why I Google it thanks alot for info

  11. Katherine O'Neill

    Just got an email this morning with your Logi on it. Says I won $500,000 and an Apple laptop then wanted all my personal info-thought I’d let you know

    1. Jimmie Shepherd

      It would be nice but seems to good to be true thanks for the knowledge of knowing the difference between a scam email winning notification then from a real now I know what to look for .

  12. Donnie Hossack

    I receive regular e-mails which says “news about your ticket” and end up winning anything from £3 to £50 – someone told me you get a different message if you have a big win – do you know if it’s true
    Thanks Donnie

    1. shahbaz ahmad

      Yes i have a msg from world bank of switzedland you win 500000 pound and some have a attachment rbi bank dtails and netwest bank chaque and etc

  13. Samar Ahmed Abou Koura

    Hi, I received a message on my mobile from viber from 001 4045495544 AREA ADDRESS: N GEORGIA: ATLANTA AND SUBURBS
    congratulating me on winning a Hamer car from a contest which I’ve participated at earlier (it is called the 100 Key) I’ve answered their questions on my mobile so I thought it is from this contest , the message require to call an international No. in Belguim to give your details in order for a company where I’m now to hand the car to me so I did but it seems from the answering system that they want to know the details about me I did give my name, address but not bank details I’m worried that it could be a fraud and don’ know what to do please give me a clue to what I’m facing
    I would appreciate your reply and if there’s a possibility to report something like that to whom should I address this matter


  14. Mahir Aliyev

    i got a winning message from Russia 2018 Fifa about one million dollars . I sent my details to them . is it dangerous?

  15. Prax

    Please be careful ..I received about Tango Lottery

  16. milan vala

    I got a same mobile sms from coca cola companey they was tell me i win 500000 GBP one iphone 5 and one iphone 6

  17. LAMIA

    I also get a message from Canada lottery but I don’t know if it is true or not and they told me to send 549$ as a fee but I don t know what to do

    1. Oinam sanathoi

      Never trust this lottery

    2. Juned

      I just rcvd a mail from superlotto first national lottery and step by step i played and fortunately i won 11,735 us dollar but they are ask8ng to pay 19.9 dollar for process. Its a free ticket lottery, please suggest me what to do.

      1. Jannie

        Ik heb precies hetzelfde bedrag (11.735) gewonnen. Ik kreeg een mail dat ik een gratis lot kreeg en moest 6 cijfers invullen en daar won ik dat bedrag dus mee! Ik moest ook eerst 19.90 betalen om het bedrag te kunnen ontvangen, mijn vriend had dezelfde mail gehad en won ook precies hetzelfde bedrag! Geloof er niet in het is allemaal oplichterij, al maken er per dag 50 personen die 19.90 over dan pakken ze toch bijna 1000 iedere dag en dat is lekker verdienen en ze worden niet gepakt hiervoor dus gaan ze rustig ermee door!! Ik heb ze geblokkeerd.

  18. Amna

    I got email that they selected my cellphone no and i win 320,000$ and they send me a cheque to deposit amount for taxes fees as they said and after this they will give me all the info to receive the prize!!!!

    I Don’t know if it’s real or fake?!!!

    1. Oksana

      I recieve also recieved in my email, a super lotto first national lottery ticket 6/45. I choose a six digits number and immediatly draw and I win 4 digits numbers and win of $ 11,735 and they want me to pay legal service registration and including tax fees of $12.9. Is this fraud or scam?

      1. Aletta Stroebel

        So was it a scam or not

      2. Benny Aragon

        I got the same email my friend and can it reach them because my credit card wasn’t a real credit card I used a NetSpend credit card and they want me to pay them $12 and I use my NetSpend card and they said they can’t process the money on it want me to give them $12 I think it’s a scam

  19. Manish

    I have received a messege about the lottery on gmail. They are claiming that they are samsung electronics limited from united states .and many things else as they are telling that they always choose lucky winners from different parts of the world and this time you are the lucky winner from India. Can anyone will tell me that they are real or not. I will even forward the lottery email to their respective mail account when ypu want to see it. Pls help me .the problem is that i was particupated in that lottery somedays ago. So i am thinking it could be real. Guys pls give me your own opinion

  20. Mool

    It was a very helpful lines thanks
    But at least the offocial companies like sony or coca cola or …
    Should offer at least an answer for any one ask about any thing like this or have a clear messeg in general to clearify any thing fake …
    Thanks Maria

  21. Hany elenany

    post a message in your media regarding fraudulent messages sent by email or phone from a fake company called City Cash Bank to steal someone else’s money.
    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

  22. Manan

    I recieved a lucky lottery message from canadian.loto powerball.and i am suspecting it as a fraud bcz there os no reason that someone will distribute 920000 isd for free to someone

  23. haseeb ahmad

    i received a mail from coca fifa world cup 2018. u win the 500000 united sates. plz tell me true or false.

  24. Mr Glenn Albert

    I to received an email saying I owed money adult sites fees however I never joined them then this site 13 administration said I would be black banned and fined I paid an amount then they said I had a refund owing which was 3x what I paid however I had to pay a release fee the get my refund. I thought it was a scam from the start I just paid a bit to get them off my back. Cheers

  25. Myles Bible

    Lets face it! If you think you won something – you desurve to hacked.

    1. Xibyl

      Said like a true hack.

    2. Muhammad Umar

      Let’s foot it if you thank you something desruveto hacked
      No regrestion fec

  26. natasha

    I was sent a message saying I won two million GBP and he sent me an email asking for my full name and other things I haven’t applied for anything. What should I do to protect myself?

  27. dennis

    Lotteries and Lotto are a huge mafia driven scam winners are mafia clones who collect for the mafia. All other gambling Keno etc are mafia driven ugly vile ripoff against the ordinary citizen to fill their crime vaults full of cash, so they can invent new ways to rip off the public further.

  28. Jimmy

    Received a winning message purportedly from Porche Company and obviously a fraud, one is supposed
    to reply with a token PIN number indicated-88-ID-PT via a given e:mail address. TAKE CARE! Do not Reply!

  29. Ibsons

    I got a message from National lottery Uk about a winning a lottery and i was asked to contact mr bryan burke at Capital one bank London to claim it.
    Which i did,i to him i leave outside UK and i don’t have an account in the Uk, he the money can be transfered to me in my local account.
    I received an oversea transfer form which i was asked to fill and send it back to them.
    A day after i got a Letter of Approval from the HM treasury UK asking me to pay a sum €350 pounds for registration fee.
    Funny enough the letter has got all my details and had it signed and stamped from the department of the international transfer agency.
    So i checked the swiftcode to be sure it contains my details which i found out the swift code links to a different address and country.

  30. Katuwal Apil

    I have also got this sms

  31. Richard

    I received a email this morning from a Ukrainian lottery office, I looked up the website and it showed stores fronts and the address on the header was correct and even the email address was not a public email server, they sent me a PDF file asking for my name address and bank accounts and router numbers, I know in most cases money can only be deposited but I am still not 100% sure, the ticket was purchased supposedly by a young lady who lives in the Ukraine So it sounds rather suspicious, I wrote them back and told them to forward the money to her so right now I am waiting to see what will happen

  32. Maricel

    I recieve also recieved in my email, a super lotto first national lottery ticket 6/45. I choose a six digits number and immediatly draw and I win 4 digits numbers and win of $ 11,735 and they want me to pay legal service registration and including tax fees of $12.9. Is this fraud or scam?

    1. Juned

      Eveeybody is winning same amount of 11,735,
      Think how is this possible ? Totally fake and froud, hope, this reply will satisfied you.

  33. Harikrishnan.E

    Yes I received a fraudulent mail from super lotto first national lottery here it’s a fraudulent one first I make payment for registration after that step by step they are making payments fee to get that winning amount prize its worst day of my life please be aware of that which I mentioned upper.


    I got an email in Russian saying my totaled money won is 198965 rubles, that pay over 300rubles for the money to be paid immediately to my credit card,is it a fraud?

  35. Leah Aguirre Abla

    Hi.. I recieve also a notification message on chrome that I have a free lottery ticket, a super lotto first national lottery ticket 6/45. I choose a six digits number and immediatly draw and I win 4 digits numbers and win of $ 11,735 and they want me to pay legal service registration and including tax fees of $12.9. Is this fraud or scam? I take a screenshot but I can’t send a photo

  36. collen selawe

    i need your help, i have recieved a free ticket lottery super lotto 6/45 and submited, i [was told i won money and was requested to pay certain amounts for certain fees, i did so and i was told the money will be deposited in three days, i was inquiring if all that was fraud, have i lost my money?

  37. Natasha

    Hello I received an sms says that I won a 350 ooo from coca cola promo and asked me to send my details then I have send them but no money in account but they said I must pay 2500 for trasnfering the money but I did not and what will they do with my empty baking details so far need some help

  38. Addison

    I got a lottery mail from SONY UK. It claims I have won some amount of money and a Phone. I have sent some information like name, address, Photo., not card details, It is so because this mail had sent from a domain like thelotteryresults[.]uk. Further after reading that it is a scam, I got scared. will they do anything with it?

  39. Olinya sunday omaba

    Thanks for your advise

  40. Mike

    I also received the email that i have won sum of R126000000 from uk internet Lottery promotion so they send the fund to South Africa receive bank .i must contact minister of finance Tito mboweni, and i did contact him through email, he said the fund is there so i must send my banking details and identification details so that they can trasfer the fund. Please advise

  41. Ete Sione

    Hi there I am Ete Sione I have a call from someone 2 weeks ago and tell me I won a prize money but she asked for $200 steam card to process my price but I still waiting nothing come please can you check if it true please

  42. Isaac Nana Arthur

    This is very interesting

  43. bindu


  44. Gift iyoha

    Does it work

  45. Sisi

    Thanks for the heads up

  46. Josue Madrid

    Thanks for this

  47. Magdaline

    Thank you so much i appreciate

  48. Haji abdullhaq

    Thank you

  49. Monique

    I’m so grateful for you guys

  50. Anime girl



    Iya true or hoax

  52. James Obafemi Akembe

    There was an emailsent to me that ‘Akembe is OUR BIG WINNER of $300,000,but the PRIZES I had won before haven’t reached my Bank account for years back. I need my CASH URGENTLY please

    1. Maliberty

      I recive the message to my google end yahoo accont that i wont 300

  53. James Obafemi Akembe

    The message was sent to me by Derek sweepstakes lottery

  54. Joshua bailey

    I have got this so many times I dont know if I really won

  55. Sithembile

    Thank u very much…

    1. Sithembile

      I don’t know if I really won or it’s all fake

      1. fredrick

        I got an email that I won 500000 gbd from Porsche 89th anniversary and was required to pay for financial release order certificate

  56. Alicia

    I Don’t really believe this

  57. Mapa

    I was broke and I saw a video to follow into this registration. I hope it’s not a scam.

  58. Agata

    Thank you so much❤

  59. Yuheng

    I didn’t get anything

  60. Bonolo

    Yes I agree

  61. Khizar hayat khan lodhy khan Lodhy

    email dara prize not reacive and facebook coca cola money not reacive

  62. Leeparnia crocker

    Thank u so much ❤️☺️

  63. maylen Calanza

    Thank you

  64. matome motsoko

    Thank you

  65. Firdous Tahiru

    I was told I jxt won buh don’t know if it’s true buh thanks anyway

  66. Muhwezi Lucky

    For sure you have awakened me to understand that your services are favourable

  67. Donnelly Dake

    It is a good site

  68. James c boyd

    I know this is true because I go through these scam deals about once a week

  69. Hassan

    Hi! This is Mehedi from Bangladesh.Asia Pacific Intl Lottery Association informed my father about winning 1 million USD.After that they provided him with some Citi HNWI global banking account showing balance 1 million USD.But we had failed to transfer to our Bangladeshi bank account as it demanded a transaction fee for money transfer & the amount of fee is about 2 lac BDT.After noticing this site advising peple as it to take it as a fake, i am hesitant what to do?

  70. Janneane Bautista

    I hope this is not scam

  71. Neeraja jadhav

    I have received this message from BMW company that I had won the lottery of 3,35,00,000 and I had paid 15,000

  72. 威爾剛

    A great post without any doubt.

  73. Shannel ames

    I recieved a text message that took me to with a letter saying i won then i recived a email from them the email address was from powerballfunds(at) can some one help me i cant find anything to lead me to believe this is a scam

  74. Gregory

    I got a email from lotto Nz I can’t find out any information so I assume it’s a scam which was nice thing to a person who’s already lost everything

    1. Gregory

      Sorry I forgot it was lotto mini copper

  75. Dina

    They say I have won R250 000 but I haven’t got it

  76. Wafa Zehra


  77. Myra

    Thank you so much

  78. Y.ganesh

    Samsung company iwon lottery my phone was 8498931354 I send the my bank but he transferred not in my bank account he told to please first money conversation charges ichacked my lotter number iwon amount 75lakches but not coming in my amount in bank account

  79. Vallerie M. Villaraza

    I wish that is not scom

  80. Arjun


  81. Nomsa

    Do I pay legal fee to get my winnings

  82. Aditi

    I have recieved a message + a mail that says i have won a lucky draw in Mini Cooper virtual lucky draw is sent to me by a person named MC Barry. I think its fake but what do you think? Give your views for the same

    Attn: Lucky Winner

    Once again, the Mini Cooper UK Centre for Global Solidarity Response Relief Fund has confirmed and received your details prior to the processing of your relief fund claim and we wish to congratulate you over the final verification and validation of your fund claims.

    Be informed that you have never applied for any OFFICIAL GREEN-CARD nor Application’s Form for any selection on this DRAW, You don’t need to be surprised on how you were selected. A RANDOM SELECTION was done base on MOBILE NUMBER’s, EMAIL ID’s, AND NAMES worldwide which has qualifies you as one of the (6 individuals) to receive Four Hundred And Thirteen Thousand Great Britain Pounds (413,000.00 GBP) among the most affected Countries on COVID19 PANDEMIC COMPENSATION exercises 2020/2021 which includes all the (7 Continents) : Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia.

    Base on the information you have provided, I am pleased to inform you that you have been officially approved by our Payment and Settlement Department (PASD) to receive your Relief fund award amount of the sum of FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN THOUSAND GREAT BRITISH POUNDS ONLY (413,000.00 GBP) which is equivalent to Rs.4, 25, 00,000.00 (FOUR CRORE TWENTY FIVE LAKH RUPEES) ONLY in this Mini Cooper UK COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund Charity Promo Award.

    To file your claim, you are to provide your information for Final verification to enable you receive your Cash Prize , Provide your
    claims information as required below:

    1. NAME IN FULL:
    2. ADDRESS:
    4. AGE:
    5. SEX:
    9. WON PRICE:
    10. SCANNED COPY OF ANY VALID ID (Important)
    11. BANK NAME:
    14. IFSC CODE:
    15. BANK BRANCH:

    For claims of your won price please choose an option which we are provided below.

    1. You are to come to London within Seven days, and you are responsible for your visa fee and flight ticket.

    2. Price will be delivered to your country by our agent through the help of an American diplomatic flight, which you are to pay for clearance at the airport.

    Please Stay Safe

    With Best Regards,

    Yours faithfully,

    Barr. Gray David

    Asia Co-Coordinator

    Payment and Release Order Dept

  83. Ronilo brutas

    6/45 super lotto we won August 28 2021 the prize $11735 this is a legit or not?

    1. Matome Rachel Dorothy Mapholo

      I also played with free tickets then I won $11735 now they need 19.9 dollars for legal service. Is it legit?

  84. Marjune

    I have received message that leads me to play a superlotto..then I palyed it with a free ticket then I won..they ask my account and a fee for a money transfer transaction..should I trust them??though I played it with a free ticket..need an answer plss.. thank you

    1. Irakli

      I received the code..they asked me to send this code by e-mail to nothing else …

  85. Poliniki

    Neznam dalitreba da se veruva na sesto ova ili e golema laga. Bi sakala da probam no mi e strav

  86. Tosene Joseph

    I have won 11735 last week so I was paying 19.9 for legal so even now i didn’t receive money to my account

  87. Mphatso

    I received a message from chrome after playing free lottery game . I’m a malawia aged 19 from mzuzu city please may you help

  88. Ighomor Helen

    I was told I won a 500$ prize,one,an financesurvey sent me a check number of six digits, that I won 500$ as first prize

  89. Raja baboo


  90. Sera Nasilasila

    I have won $300.00 from Google but they told me to call the number given to I called how many question needs to be answered till no more fund on the phone. So I thought only five questions needs to be answered but more they given it to be answered while they said only five questions to be answered and u will be the winner.but they given more then five questions till no fund .

  91. Uttam Singh saud

    सच हे भगवान भला करे

  92. Anetta

    No comments


    I totally need your reading

  94. Shunaaz Muller

    I filled out a questionnaire online.and complete forgot about it.Two weeks ago I was notified of winning an iPhone 12. I’ve been all over the world searching, but all the people I contacted pleaded ignorance.I still get notifications that the package has arrived and its fully paid.I have an order no.and a tracking code.I filled out forms online but as soon as I get to supplying further details regarding shipping and delivery, the page gets lost.I haven’t paid anything.

  95. Wondie Abebe

    Good idea

  96. Michael Bond

    Lucky Marco lottery Ukraine said that I have won 837.000.000

  97. Onyango David abich

    I have been trying most of time to play box so one day night I was sleeping on the process I wake up opening my data I found congratulations I won iPhone bt I been tracing where I can get but am defeated imagine I need I help where to get it

  98. Ralph Jackson

    Got a message on Instagram saying i won money

  99. Mohácsi Béláné

    Nekem is kihúzták a számaimat,igaz ajándék szelvény superlottó 117000 usd igaz vagy nen?

  100. Justin stdennis

    To to crooks family steal lottery ticket in my pocket when I was sleeping

  101. Khizar hayat khan Lodhy

    my money not reacived

  102. Mr.Shafique

    Hello sir HI
    Same message received us

  103. Jerralyn Galicia

    I’m excited to gift .

  104. Dennis Mwangi


  105. Tyrell

    Tanks so much I’m praying for this to work out for us

  106. Adimchi Ojimadu

    I got a message saying that i won#510,000 from MTN and other sites how sure is it and how can i claim it

  107. BGS__KILLA

    That’s fake

  108. Prince Anieze

    I got a letter that my email won a lottery from coca cola And e.t.c

  109. Sholom

    To all the people posting about the emails of supposed winnings and if they are real. As it clearly states in the article there is no free lunch. If you did not by a ticket at a physical store to a lottery then you did not win anything. It is a scam. Same with free gifts. Any prize that you are asked to pay for is a scam. The requests for money never end they just keep finding new excuses to ask for money. Also they ask for your personal information which is then used for identity theft or passed on to other scammers so that they can send you more personalized scams.

    I am currently helping a 77 year old woman who fell prey to many of these scams and over the past 8 years lost well over 100,000 dollars to various scams. There is a lottery scam from 2014 that she was still sending money for! Don’t fall for it. If you want go to a physical store and buy a lottery ticket. there is almost no chance of winning but if you do it would be legitimate.

  110. Feb-rheenaire Lim Sibal

    hello im the one victim now because they send me message in my yahoo mail that i won in lottery euromillions…how will i know that is fake they also send me in western union they send me MTCN no…

  111. Latchmi Maharaj

    I got a message saying that I won 800,000 an that my whatapp have been randomly selected

  112. Monica

    thank you for your help

  113. Boniswa

    Ive been getting notifications that ive won prices but ive never even got it

  114. Ernest carsia

    I think I’ve won the Arizona Powerball for $500 million when I was a part of a company pool I never received a dime my father who has the same name all of a sudden now goes by my birthdate and his birth year changed his middle initial and is using mine identification from Arizona to open bank accounts and businesses without my knowledge

  115. Makubuya Thomas

    I have received a Canadian online relief fund lottery int’l claiming I’ve won $840,000. And I’m supposed to contact their agent in South Africa… true could this be?

    1. IRANKUNDA Olivier

      Have you received yet your winning prize?

  116. Yolanda

    Just now, there’s this pop-up survey that I answered and says I won an Iphone 13 just by answering the survey & they ask for my bank acct. details like the cards name, expiration date and so on. I was tempted but I’m also hesitant as well because I’m afraid that it maybe a scam ir a phishing what so ever .. but I really want the Iphone13 though

  117. Jemal Kemal


  118. Kelemua mesfin

    Good and then I’m not understanding

  119. Lydia

    I received the email told me that I’m the winner ticket for German national lottorie. And I’ve really played the lotto with R90 and played online on the 31.08.2022.

  120. John w King jr

    I can’t wait until those people scamming people get what’s coming too them.

  121. Bruce Tille

    Hi I received a email to a win I did protisapate in and they sent a beneficiary cert to say it is mine do they do that

  122. Katleho Danny Ramatsebe

    I think I have been scammed

  123. Darshanie ramessar

    Is Samsung online lottery is real

  124. Sascha

    Habe auch so eine Gewinnbenachrichtigung per Mail erhalten. Urheber ist ein IT-Unternehmen in Indonesien.
    Der Absender ist:
    Angeblich habe ich bei einer amerikanischen Lotterie 8,5 Millionen US Dollar gewonnen und soll bestätigen, dass ich der rechtliche Eigentümer meier E-Mail Adresse bin. Es ist auch ein Zertifikat mit der Gewinnnummer angegeben.
    Mein Anwalt hat die Firma kontaktiert und mit der Mail konfrontiert. Jetzt muss ich warten was passiert.

  125. Aphiwe

    Please becareful people, I have received an email which reads as follows:

    We are pleased to announce to you the release of the online GERMANY LOTTERY PROGRAM for the year last
    quarter of 2023. Your E-mail address drew the lucky numbers 43-9-21-41-39-4 that consequently won the lottery in
    the 2
    ND Category. You therefore have been approved for a lump Sum Pay out of One Million Euros (€1,000,000.00)
    only in cash, Credited to File Ref number GNL/023/49657. This is from A Total Cash Prize of Forty Million Euros
    (€40,000.000.00) Shared among International winners in this category. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    Your fund is currently deposited with a reputable financial institution and insured in your name. Please note that your claim
    and batch numbers are the key to your funds claim, you are to keep these information confidential until your claim has been
    processed and your winning prize money remitted into account of your choice, as this is part of our protocol to avoid double
    claiming or unwarranted taking advantage of this program by all selected participants. All participants were selected through a
    computer ballot system drawn from 25,000 E-mail addresses from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and America as part of our
    international annual promotion program that we conducts once in a year. We hope with the part of your winning prize Money,
    you will take part in assisting and helping the less privileged/Orphanage homes of your choice in the society.
    To begin this claim, please contact our international Fiduciary claim agent immediately, located in London, The United
    Kingdom Ms. Anne Middleton, via E-mail : ( Annemiddleton(a) ) for legal processing and remittance of your
    prize money from the paying bank to your nominated bank account of your choice. Remember all prize money must be
    claimed within two (2) weeks of this notice. After two (2) weeks, all funds will be returned to the German National Lottery
    Distribution Trust Fund (GNLDTF) as unclaimed and donate to Charity.
    NOTE: You do not need to enter the competition before you win, Our MICROSOFT COMPUTER automatically selects winners
    E-mail Addresses and you are so lucky to be one of the lucky winners that the MICROSOFT COMPUTER selected, you won
    because of your various visits to Microsoft web sites.
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Ensure to keep your winning information strictly confidential until your prize is claimed to avoid double
    claiming which may warrant us to disqualify you as a winner. In order to avoid unnecessary delay and complications, please
    remember to quote your Reference and Batch numbers in every of your correspondence with us or your agent.
    Furthermore, should there be any change of address, do notify your claim fiduciary claim agent as soon as possible.
    Congratulation once again from all members of our staff and thank you for being part of our annual promotion program.

    I did not participate in any lottery but I was still battling to see if this is true or not, this was thier last email to me which gave me light to see that this was a scam:

    This is to confirm the Payment Authorization option of Aphiwe Precious in respect of wining fund of
    €1,000.000.00 EUR with the HSBC Bank.
    In order for the Foreign Payment and Credit Unit of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation
    (HSBC), London, England to proceed with the statutory provisions as outlined in the 1999 transfer Act in
    order to commence the remittance of the said payment via bank transfer to: Capitec Bank SOUTH
    A Non-UK residence/Affidavit processing charge of £468.00 GBP for completion of payment processes.
    Kindly note that we tried to deduct this amount from the winning, but insurance placed on this winning
    till your fund gets to your account, did not grant access to it.
    We have our consolidated agent account in South Africa, you can easily use the below for this
    ACCOUNT NO: 630 6421 3697
    BRANCH: 250655
    Use your name as reference.
    Send us the proof of payment.
    R 10,600 ZAR (Ten Thousand Six Hundred Rand) Only
    With your speedy cooperation this process will be completed within the next 2-3 working days
    in accordance with your prize payment value in your choice or mode of payment.
    Call me should you need further clarity on this letter.
    Hope to have your positive response soon.

  126. Hassan raza


  127. Aljon Omania Hermoso


  128. Gary partridge

    I think I got scammed need to have it investigated they goty cash app and card they got intoy Facebook and my gmail I’m totally screwed it was a message through Instagram that I won second place in there spin bundle and that I won 950.000.00$ and a Walmart gift card

  129. sabbir ahmad

    Dear brother assalamu electronic company 2022 email me.covid 19 relief funds draw.We are pleased to inform you that your mobile number has won seven hundred and fifty thousand Dollars in the samsung mobile promo Draw organized by samsung electronics company united states of America /Asia, held on the ist of this month in united states of America to assist on covid 19 lock company randomly selected different countries Mobile Numbers through a computer ballot system to receive an award of seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars each as a part of our for-profit philanthropic wing promotion.the online international award draws was conducted from an exclusive list of over 25000000 mobile numbers of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer searce from the tickets were sold.Your Mobile number emerged as on of five lucky winning numbers in the category ‘A’ with the are required to fill the form below and send it to the promotion manager of the samsung company for verification and then you will be directed on how to claim your winning amount of $750000.00 US Dollars.So,you can know me this mail right or wrong.

    samsung company

  130. Luis Mendoza

    I have a message on Messenger from face book buy Jeremy carter who works at the national lottery said that I was one of 10 people who won and I did fill out a drawing of some sort and it was actually 5.2 million and it was devided,,so he friend requested me and he said to make sure I’m not a robot and to claim my prize I needed to prove myself by id and by sending 55 dollars and that those were the rules of this policy, he’s on Facebook messengers.

  131. Åge Jonny

    What I do is that I go into a dialogue with the scammer. My final goal is to get the Scammer’s bank details. When they want the procession fee from me and suggest that I should use Bitcoin, Western Union, Money Gram, or Forex, I refuse to use any of these cash payment services. Instead I tell them that I do only pay by bank transfers. When I get the bank details, I send them to my own bank’s fraud section where the information is registered. After this has been done, I break the contact with the scammer thru some kind of excuse.

  132. NORHAYA

    Thank you so much

  133. Georgie Catherine Womack

    I got a text message saying I was selected to receive 25,000 from someone that won the lottery. And to be able to send it to me I have to send a hundred dollars or come to the state their in. Is this a scam


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