Verdict in Sasser trial

Sven Jaschan, the teenager who became notorious for writing the Sasser and Netsky worms was sentenced today by the court in Verden, Germany. The decision of the court, softened by the fact that Jaschan was a minor at the time he authored the viruses, is 18 months suspended sentence and 30 hours of community service. Initially, the prosecutors asked for a two year suspended sentence and three years of probation. However, even though the criminal trial is over, Jaschan still faces civil cases against him – four plaintiffs have already asked for compensation for damage caused by the teenager’s creation.

The decision – a fair one in my opinion – will no doubt play an important role in Sven Jaschan’s life. With all the “celebrity” gained from the process and given the fact that he already has a job in the security field, Jaschan could have a very bright future ahead – Mitnick’s roadshows bear witness to that. On the other hand, I’m sure the judges would not be so tolerant if Jaschan wrote another piece of malware and unleashed it on the Internet.

Verdict in Sasser trial

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