Vacation time greetings

For many of you, once again it’s vacation time. While you are sitting on the beach and enjoying the sun in Ibiza or Sorrento, your friends at home may be receiving infected e-cards from you.

During the past days, we’ve intercepted a number of fake mailings which purportedly come from various e-card systems, such as Hallmark. Few examples:

Link points to a Backdoor.IRC.Zapchast package

Link points to

They all seem to be following the same pattern – an URL is included which leads to a malicious file, usually a downloader. Once you get to run it on your system, it brings more malware which will eventually turn your computer into a spam sending zombie.

So if you send a greeting to your friends at home, consider using an old fashioned postcard. Besides being a lot safer, I think it’s also more personal!

Wishing you happy and malware free vacations!

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