Security Roundtable 2006

Once in a year, Kaspersky Lab organizes a security roundtable in Munich, Germany, followed by a visit to the Oktoberfest (probably Germany’s most famous festival).

Last Thursday, a lot of journalists (mostly from IT publications) got together to gain an overview of malware development so far this year, as well as information about current trends and possible future threats.

We pointed out that fighting cybercrime (botnets, blackmail, theft of credit card data etc.) will require more and more effort in terms of working together. This doesn’t just mean co-operating between antivirus companies, but improved communication with independent research facilities, universities, financial institutions and the relevant national and international law enforcement bodies.

We also made use of the Oktoberfest opportunity to swap information and opinions with the journalists. After a couple of beers it became clear that there weren’t any questions left unsolved : )

Security Roundtable 2006

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