RSA: 15,000 strong

The final figures aren’t in yet, but rumor puts the total attendance at this year’s RSA conference at a staggering 15,000. Nearly double last year’s reported 8,000. This jump is probably partly due to the conference having moved back to the very popular and accessible San Francisco-based Moscone Center.

Can the show expect even more attendees next year? I think it’s very likely – security issues are becoming an increasing concern, and RSA 2008 will be held in April, when the California weather should be very pleasant.

As the event isn’t over yet, we don’t have any other final data. But in terms of the best-attended presentation, it looks as though Eugene Kaspersky was the star of the show.

With standing room only – after additional seats were brought in from other presenters’ rooms – the main show floor became visibly emptier during Eugene’s hour long presentation.

I’ll be posting again later with more news and thoughts from the rest of the event.

RSA: 15,000 strong

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