New Bagles spreading actively

The first day of spring brought us five new Bagle variants within a few hours. We detect them as and antivirus database updates with protection against all of them are available.

We are analysing the worms in detail and will keep you posted if anything interesting shows up. We suspect that the worms have been seeded via a spammer mailing. a spam mailing. A full description will be available once the analysis is complete.

New Bagles spreading actively

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APT trends report Q3 2021

The APT trends reports are based on our threat intelligence research and provide a representative snapshot of what we have discussed in greater detail in our private APT reports. This is our latest installment, focusing on activities that we observed during Q3 2021.

Lyceum group reborn

According to older public researches, Lyceum conducted operations against organizations in the energy and telecommunications sectors across the Middle East. In 2021, we have been able to identify a new cluster of the group’s activity, focused on two entities in Tunisia.

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