Malware descriptions and Bagle.ay

There are new variants of Bagle circulating actively at the moment: and Email-Worm.Win32.Bagle.ay. When the worms search the victim machines for email addresses to send themselves to, they won’t send emails to addresses containing the following text:

  • @avp.
  • @foo
  • @iana
  • @messagelab
  • @microsoft
  • abuse
  • admin
  • anyone@
  • bsd
  • bugs@
  • cafee
  • certific
  • contract@
  • feste
  • free-av
  • f-secur
  • gold-certs@
  • google
  • help@
  • icrosoft
  • info@
  • kasp
  • linux
  • listserv
  • local
  • news
  • nobody@
  • noone@
  • noreply
  • ntivi
  • panda
  • pgp
  • postmaster@.
  • rating@
  • root@
  • samples
  • sopho
  • spam
  • support
  • unix
  • update
  • winrar
  • winzip

By doing this, the new Bagles are hiding from antivirus companies. This explains the relatively small number of samples that we’ve received so far.

Here’s a sample of what a Bagle.ay message looks like:

Full description of the new Bagles will be available in the Virus Encyclopedia in the near future.

Update If the infected attachment has a .cpl extension, it will be detected as and Bagle.ay

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