Spam and phishing mail

Baiting the hook with AV

We’ve recently seen a phishing run against Lloyds Bank. It’s an interesting tactic – we do work with some UK banks to provide products to their customers – and this might make Lloyds customers think the offer is genuine.


Of course, it’s not. And anyone with a bank account, whether they use online banking services or not, should remember that banks are taking measures to try and keep their users safe. But sending out unsolicited email isn’t one of them!

Baiting the hook with AV

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The SessionManager IIS backdoor

In early 2022, we investigated an IIS backdoor called SessionManager. It has been used against NGOs, government, military and industrial organizations in Africa, South America, Asia, Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

APT ToddyCat

ToddyCat is a relatively new APT actor responsible for multiple sets of attacks against high-profile entities in Europe and Asia. Its main distinctive signs are two formerly unknown tools that we call ‘Samurai backdoor’ and ‘Ninja Trojan’.

WinDealer dealing on the side

We have discovered that malware dubbed WinDealer, spread by Chinese-speaking APT actor LuoYu, has an ability to perform intrusions through a man-on-the-side attack.

APT trends report Q1 2022

This is our latest summary of advanced persistent threat (APT) activity, focusing on events that we observed during Q1 2022.

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