And the Bagles just keep on coming

A quick update: over the last twenty four hours, we had eleven new Bagle variants, from to Bagle.cj. Some of them were new versions, and some were old variants which had been repacked.

All the new versions were either spammed, or placed on sites for download. They’re being used to ensure that the Bagle botnet survives.

A very old Bagle variant was also spammed; it had been repacked using a new version of the packing program.

The Bagle bakery is clearly still in business, but hasn’t come up with any new recipes for a while.

And the Bagles just keep on coming

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Kimsuky’s GoldDragon cluster and its C2 operations

Kimsuky (also known as Thallium, Black Banshee and Velvet Chollima) is a prolific and active threat actor primarily targeting Korea-related entities. In early 2022, we observed this group was attacking the media and a think-tank in South Korea.

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Earlier, the CISA published an alert related to a Stairwell report, “Maui Ransomware.” Our data should openly help solidify the attribution of the Maui ransomware incident to the Korean-speaking APT Andariel, also known as Silent Chollima and Stonefly.

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