Foncy is dead. Long live Mania

Foncy is dead. And what is Mania? Mania is an SMS Trojan which currently only targets users of Android from France and its code is very similar to the code of the Foncy malware. The first sample of Mania (Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.Mania) was found approximately at the same time when the Foncy IRC bot was discovered (during the first half of January). After that new variants of Mania appeared in February, March, April and May. Read Full Article

Report from the International Student Conference (2012, Netherlands)

I am now back from the Kaspersky conference: Security For The Next Generation, the International Cup 2012 which took place in the Netherlands. Kaspersky had invited the winners from the local student conferences taking place all over the world and had them compete for the final title. Not only students attended the conferences, we also had professors from universities around the globe and also some of the experts from the Kaspersky Global Research and Analysis Team. Read Full Article

We Need More Than Jelly Bean

Google is set to launch Android 5.0, aka Jelly Bean, this fall. But do we even need it? While Google has made some steps in securing its Play branded marketplace, and offered a few security updates to the operating system, it is a fact that the most targeted Android platform is still 2.x. Why is that? There are several reasons, not the least of which is a lack of security patches provided to previously deployed operating system versions. Read Full Article