VB2010 - Vancouver, Canada

This year the Virus Bulleting
Conference, one of the most prestigious annual events in the anti-virus
industry, took place in Vancouver, Canada.

It was a special event for Kaspersky Lab since we had a record-breaking
total of seven speakers: who covered the most interesting and
hot topics such as mobile malware, on-line fraud and black markets,
targeted attacks. Last, but not least, we were able to reveal some new
details about Stuxnet in a joint presentation with Microsoft. The VB
conference demonstrated again how important cooperation between
researchers is. Between the joint work on Stuxnet and the Zeus-related
arrests we saw how AV researchers from different countries; cultures
and companies join forces to fight cyber crime and to make this world

Every year the AV community gathers at VB - next year it will be in
Barcelona, Spain and I hope we will also have good news to share again.

PS We will be posting the Kaspersky VB papers online over the next few
days here http://www.kaspersky.com/VB_2010

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