QUIK conviction

There’s been an update on the Trojan case we mentioned earlier this week – a 24 year old has been sentenced to five and a half years for computer crime. He was found guilty under Section 1, Article 272 (unlawful access to legally protected computer data) and Section 4, Article 159 (gross fraud) of the Russian Federal Criminal Code and will serve out his sentence in a minimum-security correctional facility.

The case stated that “between June and August 2007, the accused used a malicious program to get the secret key of a commercial organization and, in the name of the organization, traded futures on the commercial market.” The losses totalled more than 1.3 million roubles.

The young man, who admitted his guilt in court, transferred 1,000,000 of his ill-gotten roubles to a personal account which he opened with one of the local Yoshkar-Ola banks.

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