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Gaza cybergang, where’s your IR team?

Summary information:

Gaza cybergang is a politically motivated Arabic cybercriminal group operating in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region, targeting mainly Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The group has been operating since 2012 and became particularly active in Q2 2015.

One interesting new fact about Gaza cybergang activities is that they are actively sending malware files to IT (Information Technology) and IR (Incident Response) staff; this is also obvious from the file names they are sending to victims, which reflect the IT functions or IR tools used in cyber attack investigations.

IT people are known for having more access and permissions inside their organizations than other employees, mainly because they need to manage and operate the infrastructure. This is why getting access to their devices could be worth a lot more than for a normal user.

IR people are also known for having access to sensitive data related to ongoing cyber investigations in their organizations, in addition to special access and permissions enabling them to hunt for malicious or suspicious activities on the network…

The main infection modules used by this group are pretty common RATs: XtremeRAT and PoisonIvy

Some more interesting facts about Gaza cybergang:

  • Attackers take an interest in government entities, especially embassies, where security measures and IT operations might not be well established and reliable
  • Use of special file names, content and domain names (e.g. gov.uae.kim), has helped the group perform better social engineering to infect targets
  • Increasing interest in targeting IT and IR people, which is clear from most of the recent malware file names used

Other operation names:

  • DownExecute
  • MoleRATs

Kaspersky Lab products and services successfully detect and block attacks by Gaza team.

Political file names targeting Arabic countries

File name: بوادر خلاف جديد بين الامارات والسعودية.exe

Translation: Indications of disagreement between Saudi Arabia and UAE.exe

Gaza cybergang, where's your IR team?

Filename: “Wikileaks documents on Sheikh ******* *** *****.exe”

Gaza cybergang, where's your IR team?

File name: صور فاضحـــــة جدا لبعض العسكريين والقضاة والمستشاريين المصريين.exe

Translation: Scandalous pictures of Egyptian militants, judges and consultants

Gaza cybergang, where's your IR team?

File name: Majed-Abaas.zip -> الرئيس الفلسطيني محمود عباس يشتم ماجد فرج.exe

Translation: President Mahmoud Abbas cursing Majed Faraj.exe

File name: “مكالمة مسربة بين القائد العام للقوات المسلحة المصرية صدقي صبحي.exe”

Translation: Leaked conversation with the Egyptian leader of military forces Sodqi Sobhi.exe

File name: tasreb.rar

IT and IR Malware File Names

VCSExpress.exe Hex.exe
Microsoft Log.exe IMP.exe
Win.exe Corss.exe
WinRAR.exe AVR.exe
ccleaner.exe codeblocks.exe
HelpPane.exe Hex_Workshop_Hex_Editor-o.exe
Help.exe Decoded.exe
vmplayer.exe Decrypted.exe
procexp.exe crashreporter.exe
RE.exe WindowsUpdate.exe
PE.exe AVP.exe
PE-Explorr.exe Kaspersky.exe
PE-Explorr.exe Kaspersky.exe
hworks32.exe Kaspersky Password Manager.exe


Other malware file names

وصية وصور الوالد أتمنى الدعاء له بالرحمة والمغفرة.exe

Military Police less military sexual offenses, drug offenses more.exe







Gaza cybergang, where's your IR team?

IP addresses and domain names used in the attacks


uae.kim natco1.no-ip.net
gov.uae.kim natco3.no-ip.net
up.uae.kim natco5.no-ip.net
uptime.uae.kim nazer.zapto.org
google.com.r3irv2ykn0qnd7vr7sqv7kg2qho3ab5tngl5avxi5iimz1jxw9pa9.uae.kim noredirecto.redirectme.net
ajaxo.zapto.org nrehcnthrtfmyi.strangled.net
backjadwer.bounceme.net ns2.negociosdesucesso.info
backop.mooo.com offeline.webhop.net
bandao.publicvm.com orango.redirectme.net
bypasstesting.servehalflife.com redirectlnk.redirectme.net
cbbnews.tk removalmalware.servecounterstrike.com
cccam.serveblog.net mailchat.zapto.org
chromeupdt.tk mp4.servemp3.com
cnaci8gyolttkgmguzog.ignorelist.com rgoyfuadvkebxhjm.ddns.net
cyber18.no-ip.net rotter2.publicvm.com
deapka.sytes.net rotter2.sytes.net
depka.sytes.net safar.selfip.com
dnsfor.dnsfor.me safara.sytes.net
download.likescandy.com safari.linkpc.net
downloadlog.linkpc.net spreng.vizvaz.com
downloadmyhost.zapto.org store-legal.biz
downloadskype.cf su.noip.us
duntat.zapto.org tango.zapto.org
fastbingcom.sytes.net test.cable-modem.org
fatihah.zapto.org test.ns01.info
gaonsmom.redirectme.net testcom.strangled.net
goodday.zapto.org thenewupdate.chickenkiller.com
googlecombq6xx.ddns.net thenewupdatee.redirectme.net
gq4bp1baxfiblzqk.mrbasic.com tvnew.otzo.com
haartezenglish.redirectme.net update.ciscofreak.com
haartezenglish.strangled.net updatee.hopto.org
help2014.linkpc.net updatee.serveblog.net
httpo.sytes.net updato.ns01.info
internetdownloadr.publicvm.com use.mooo.com
justded.justdied.com wallanews.publicvm.com
kaliob.selfip.org wallanews.sytes.net
kaswer12.strangled.net Wcf6f0nqvjtUP4uN.mooo.com
kolabdown.sytes.net webfile.myq-see.com
ksm5sksm5sksm5s.zzux.com webfile.myq-see.com
lastmoon.mooo.com ynet.ignorelist.com
lilian.redirectme.net ynet.sytes.net

IP addresses

Malware Hashes

302565aec2cd47bb6b62fa398144e0ad f94385be79ed56ef77c961aa6d9eafbf
f6e8e1b239b66632fd77ac5edef7598d a347d25ed2ee07cbfe4baaabc6ff768b
8921bf7c4ff825cb89099ddaa22c8cfd 674dec356cd9d8f24ef0f2ec73aaec88
3bb319214d83dfb8dc1f3c944fb06e3b e20b5b300424fb1ea3c07a31f1279bde
826ab586b412d174b6abb78faa1f3737 42fca7968f6de3904225445312e4e985
5e255a512dd38ffc86a2a4f95c62c13f 3dcb43a83a53a965b40de316c1593bca
058368ede8f3b487768e1beb0070a4b8 e540076f48d7069bacb6d607f2d389d9
62b1e795a10bcd4412483a176df6bc77 699067ce203ab9893943905e5b76f106
39758da17265a07f2370cd04057ea749 11a00d29d583b66bedd8dfe728144850
f54c8a235c5cce30884f07b4a8351ebf d5b63862b8328fb45c3dabdcdf070d0d
9ea2f8acddcd5ac32cfb45d5708b1e1e bc42a09888de8b311f2e9ab0fc966c8c
948d32f3f12b8c7e47a6102ab968f705 c48cba5e50a58dcec3c57c5f7cc3332d
868781bcb4a4dcb1ed493cd353c9e9ab 658f47b30d545498e3895c5aa333ecb1
3c73f34e9119de7789f2c2b9d0ed0440 2b473f1f7c2b2b97f928c1fc497c0650
9dccb01facfbbb69429ef0faf4bc1bda 46cf06848e4d97fb3caa47c17cdd7a9e
4e8cbe3f2cf11d35827194fd016dbd7b 6eb17961e6b06f2472e4518589f66ab9
b4c8ff21441e99f8199b3a8d7e0a61b9 b0f49c2c29d3966125dd322a504799c6
4d0cbb45b47eb95a9d00aba9b0f7daad ca78b173218ad8be863c7e00fec61f2f
18259503e5dfdf9f5c3fc98cdfac6b78 23108c347282ff101a2104bcf54204a8
0b074367862e1b0ae461900c8f8b81b6 76f9443edc9b71b2f2494cff6d4a26a8

Phishing Hashes


Additional references


Gaza cybergang, where’s your IR team?

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