Amazon S3 exploiting through SpyEye

Many Cloud Computing providers offer gigabytes of storage for free, and the cybercriminals use to maintain and spread malware of all the kind. At the same time, many legitimate services are not free, but are still very attractive to cybercrime gangs. In the case of Amazon, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) does the trick. Read Full Article

What has happened to DNS Security?

Have we forgotten about DNS secutity? In a time of hacktivism and targetted attacks being on the raise this is something that we cannot afford forgetting. During my research i noticed that alot of DNS servers are running a weak configuration allowing an remote attacker to gain valuable information. Read Full Article

From Cocos Islands to Cameroon

The cybercrime business is really no different from other types of business such as pasta making or selling spare parts for cars. It has its own expenses and overheads. A hacker, just like any businessman, tries to save on attacks and keep their costs down. Read Full Article