Tracking bugs in Zeus campaigns

I found an interesting “bug” in the malicious .php script on the .cc domain. For example, instead of clicking on, just put at the end or* or any other and for each new special char you will get the binary. One special char per one new download. The second short URL service used by the criminals is Read Full Article

Gold rush

The recent online hysteria over the BitCoin virtual money system has attracted the attention not only of those who dream of making money out of thin air but also of cybercriminals who, as usual, want to steal anything they can get their hands on. Read Full Article

Patch Tuesday June 2011

Patches are up! This month’s patch Tuesday is a sizable one by any standards. Microsoft is patching a total of 34 vulnerabilities in 16 bulletins. At least eight different product lines are updated. Adobe is coordinating release of Reader, Acrobat, Shockwave and Flash updates as well today. Read Full Article