A long time ago…

We read a blogpost about a fake security solution which fraudulently uses the Kaspersky Lab logo in order to better fool potential victims. We have detected this fake AV since August 6 2008, as not-a-virus:FraudTool.J2ME.KaspAV.a. Read Full Article

Playstation data gets pwned

After a long service black out Sony reported yesterday that their PSN gamer network has been compromised. Sony further admitted that all kinds of user data had become available to an unknown attacker.  Some of the personal details available to the attackers include your name, address, and email address, date of birth, PSN login name and password.  In fact even password security answers may have been obtained.  In addition to these items Sony stated “While there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, we cannot rule out the possibility.”  Sony does not speculate on when their network may come back online but states that they are rebuilding it, and undergoing external security audits. Read Full Article

Lab Matters – The Underground Economy and Ecosystem of the SMS-based cybercrime

In some Eastern European countries (Russia and Ukraine especially), there are legal loopholes that allow the use of SMS premium rate numbers anonymously. In addition, some Russian mobile operators allow people to transfer money from prepaid SIM cards to bank accounts or credit cards. When combined, these two things allow cyber-crime activity that generate illegal profits. In this issue of Lab Matters webcast, Kaspersky Lab malware researcher Denis Maslennikov discusses this component of mobile security and talks about the ways cyber-criminals are maliciously exploiting prepaid SIM cards and money transfers. Maslennikov also describes the main pillar of the underground economy and ecosystem of his type of fraud. Read Full Article