New IM Worm Squirming in Latin America

Whenever we discuss the most active
malware-producing countries, Russia, China and Brazil are always atop
the list. But there’s a new country
that’s starting to appear in the top five:Mexico

In our monthly Latin America malware analysis published on Viruslist
and Threatpost
(both in Spanish),we already mentioned that Mexico is known
for producing local botnets.

On Aug 21, we (Kaspersky Lab) detected a new instant messenger worm
that spreads through almost all well-known IM programs, including
Skype, GTalk, Yahoo Messenger and Live MSN Messenger. The name of the
threat is “IM-Worm.Win32.Zeroll.a

It “speaks” 13 different languages (including
Spanish and Portuguese) according to the local language of the infected
Windows computer. There are some characteristics
that show the worm originated Mexico. It is written in VB and the
C&C is located on an IRC channel (an old botnet technique
recycled by the Mexican coders).

Our statistics based on the KSN data show the biggest infections were
registered in Mexico and Brazil.

It seems like the criminals behind the worm are now at the first stage
of the crime -- infecting as many machines as they can to have
“a good” offers after to another criminals: pay per
install, spam and others.

It’s worth mentioning that only three anti-virus programs
(including Kaspersky) detect the threat.

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