The changing antivirus landscape

I recall coming into the anti-virus business when there were less than 100 viruses [including variants] and the fingers of two hands were sufficient to create your own ‘wild list’.

How things have changed! At that time, the prospect of hundreds [rather than tens] of viruses caused alarm, raising questions of how anti-virus vendors would cope with such a ‘glut’.

And yet here we are with more than 100,000 records in the Kaspersky database and nobody blinks an eye! And so many Trojans [whether backdoors, downloaders, proxies or keyloggers] are received from the field that the value of any ‘wild list’ is now questionable.

The changing antivirus landscape

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APT trends report Q1 2024

The report features the most significant developments relating to APT groups in Q1 2024, including the new malware campaigns DuneQuixote and Durian, and hacktivist activity.

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