Spam and phishing

Scammers’ delivery service: exclusively dangerous

Well-known companies and brands are favorite targets for fraudsters. After all, it is much easier to get people’s attention with the use of a popular name, so scammers have more chance of trapping a gullible user.

In this article, we will analyze phishing and malicious emails sent by fraudsters that claim to come from international delivery services. The most popular of these are DHL (Germany), FedEx and United Parcel Service (USA), TNT (Netherlands). All of these companies are international, with millions of customers using branches in major countries all over the world. They provide similar services, so scammers use the same methods and techniques in their fraudulent mails.

The phishers’ goals include:

  1. Theft of confidential data (bank card credentials, logins and passwords from personal accounts), mainly with the help of fake web pages imitating official pages of the site. In a phishing attack users provides the fraudsters with their personal data by filling the fields on fake sites or sending them via email.
  2. Installing various malicious programs on users’ computers. These programs are used not only to monitor user online activity and steal personal information, but also to organize botnets to distribute spam and launch DDoS attacks.

Headings of fraudulent emails

The From field

Structurally, the  address in the From field looks like this: Sender Name . To confuse recipients, scammers can change parts of the address and often make it look very similar to an official address of the delivery service.

There are several groups of email addresses seen in fraudulent emails:

  1. Email addresses which closely resemble companies’ legitimate public addresses. Generally, they use the name of the company (DHL INC, TNT COURIER SERVICE, Fedex, etc.) as the sender name. The name of the mailbox often includes the words info, service, noreply, mail, support which are typical of email addresses used to send official notifications. The server domain name often has a real or very plausible company domain.
  2. FraudShipment_1

  3. Addresses which do not resemble legitimate company addresses. The sender name still reflects the company name (FedEx, DHL Service, but the domain name usually belongs to a free email service or an absolutely different company. The email address could be taken from a real user (taken from public sources or hacked mailboxes) or automatically generated addresses. The latter usually appear as a random sequence of letters, words and numbers.
  4. FraudShipment_2

  5. Addresses that resemble e-mail addresses of company employees. The sender name may contain the name and surname of a supposed employee, or the company name, or a position (courier, manager, etc). The name of the email box usually contains the same name and surname as the sender name because any difference in the data may alert the recipient to a fraudulent email. Either the real company domain or other domains not related to delivery companies might be used as a domain name.
  6. FraudShipment_3

  7. Addresses which only indicate the sender’s address without a name.
  8. FraudShipment_4

While analyzing sender address, remember that scammers do not need to hack the company servers to use the real company domain in the From field. They can simply insert the necessary domain name of the server into the From field.

The Subject field

The subject of the fraudulent mail should capture the imagination of recipients and encourage them to open the message, but it also needs to be plausible. Therefore spammers choose common phrases typical of official notifications from delivery services. After sending a parcel or a document, customers worry about its successful delivery and try to follow its progress by reading any notification from a delivery service.

The most popular subjects are:

  1.  Subjects related to the delivery/shipment (shipment notifications, delivery status, shipping confirmation, shipment documents, delivery information, etc.).
  2. Examples:


  3. Subjects related to tracking shipments, order information and invoices (the tracking number of the shipment, tracking the shipment, etc.).
  4. Examples:


  5. Subjects related to notifications about messages and accounts (creation and confirmation of accounts, new messages, etc.).
  6. FraudShipment_7

The design of the email

Scammers pay special attention to the design of the email. Their main goal is to make message as believable as possible. After all, if it looks suspicious, a potential victim will most likely delete it despite the attractive subject and plausible sender address. Let’s analyze the basic techniques that fraudsters use to make emails look legitimate.

Graphic design

All major international companies have their own corporate style, including wordmarks, graphic trademarks, corporate fonts, slogans and color schemes. These are used on the official website, in mailings and commercials, and in other design components. Scammers use at least some of these elements when designing fraudulent emails to make them look convincing. Usually phishers focus on logos because these elements are unique to each company and is an immediate identifying mark.

Examples of DHL company logos used in fraudulent emails.


Let’s take a closer look at these examples. It’s immediately obvious that the second example is very different from the company’s official logo. Another sign of a forgery is the difference in size between the false logo and the original, as seen in the fourth example where the logo takes almost a third of the message. Here the plan is probably to attract the reader’s attention with a large bright picture rather than plain text. That also explains why the phishing links appear in a larger font: users should respond to it immediately, without trying to read the small print.

In the first example, the scammers are trying to copy the design from the official site (a very popular method). However the logo is placed on the right-hand side rather than on the left. Also they are using a color blend for the logo background rather than making it single-color. The logo in the third example most closely imitates the original DHL logo: the scammers have tried to match its size and design. It’s not really all that difficult to make a logo for a fake notification: there are plenty of versions of the original image available online in several formats, including vector graphics. In addition to the logo the fraudsters use the color spectrum chosen by the company in its official resources and mailings. For example, for DHL it is a combination of yellow and red.

The text design

In most official emails we find a number of set phrases, especially when it comes to standard notifications generated and sent automatically. These messages often include contacts and links to the official resources of the sender. Therefore, to make the text of the fake email look like an original notification from a delivery service the fraudsters use:

  1. Standard phrases typical of official mass mailings: Please do not reply to this email, This is automatically generated email, please do not reply, All rights reserved, Diese Versendung ist automatisch, Bitte beantworten Sie diese nicht, This communication contains proprietary information and may be confidential. Questo e’ un email automatico, Si prega di non rispondere, etc.
  2. FraudShipment_9

  3. Links to the official page of the company. Not all links contained in the fraudulent email are phishing – spammers may also use the links which really lead to the official resources on order to make their emails look legitimate and bypass spam filtering.
  4. FraudShipment_10

  5. Contact for feedback. The fraudsters often indicate the contact information of the sender or the company (name, surname, position, office address). These contacts might be real or fictitious.
  6. FraudShipment_11

The content of the email

When fraudsters send out fake emails convincing readers that it is a real message is only part of the battle. The next step is to persuade the potential victim to do what the scammer requires, such as providing personal information or installing a malicious file. This is where psychology comes into play, and the email content is the main tool.

In fraudulent notifications allegedly sent on behalf of delivery services often use the following tricks:

  1. Notifications of various problems (eg. unsuccessful delivery, lack of information, wrong address, no recipient at the delivery address). These phrases are usually related to the delivery since the companies in question are in the service sector. Therefore, a logistics company warning of a problem with a delivery doesn’t prompt any suspicion, especially if the email contains some details of the situation.
  2. FraudShipment_12

  3. A demand to do something or face some consequence. For example, “collect your parcel within 5 days otherwise it will be returned to the sender”.
  4. The scammers use deadlines like this to make recipients react immediately. The phishers hope that users will be so worried about losing the parcel or paying extra costs that they won’t hesitate to provide personal details or open a suspicious attachment.


  5. Phrases about the content of an attachment or link (invoices, detailed information, documents).
  6. Users are unlikely to open unknown attachments or follow unknown links. That’s why scammers imitate official websites and present malware as a document with information a parcel. In addition, if the text of the notification states that the attachment contains, for example, a consignment document, the malicious archive will have a similar name, such as “” This applies to phishing links as well – scammers name their links with an appropriate phrase from the text, such as “shipping information”.

    This simple trick is intended to reassure recipients that the attachment or link is perfectly legitimate.


  7. Phrases about the need to do something (follow a link, open an attachment, print out a file, etc.).
  8. Assuming the fraudsters have convinced the recipients that the email is real, the next step is to tell the victims how to solve their problems. Fulfilling these instructions is the ultimate goal of the fraudulent email. Here it is important for the scammers not just to tell recipients what they need to do, but to make them understand correctly what is written in the message. To avoid any misunderstanding on the part of the recipients, messages often contains detailed instructions about what to do.


How the text might change

Cheating the user is not the only thing scammers have to do. They also need to bypass spam filters and deliver the email to the email boxes of potential victims. One of the most popular and long-used methods to bypass filtering is to change text fragments within the email. Modern programs designed to send out spam messages include ample opportunities to generate multiple changes in the text. The text of a message which varies from email to email makes the email unique, while different personal information specified within one mailing (such as the number of the shipment, the form of the address, the dates) helps to convince recipients that the email is intended for them. In addition, the fraudsters can send out emails designed in the same style for several months – they only need to change some elements in the text.

Fraudulent notifications from delivery services can change:

  1. The information about the order/shipment, including the tracking number of the shipment, delivery dates, etc.)
  2. Contact details, sender names and company names. Some mass mailings provide an e-mail address or a phone number of a company representative for feedback. This particular data changes from email to email. In addition, names of company representatives and even company names themselves may also vary.
  3. The name of the attachment. It mainly refers to malicious attachments which names vary in messages within one mass mailing while these different names hide one and the same malicious program.
  4. Links. In phishing emails and emails with malicious attachments scammers often specifically change the addresses of the links, masking them with the help of different URL shorteners. Most of these links are quickly blocked by current antivirus programs.
  5. Phrases indicating numbers and dates. These can refer to timetables (days, hours), sums of money and dates (day and month)
  6. The greeting. Here spammers generally use the email address and/or the name of the recipient. Sometimes they use generic expressions (Dear client, Dear customer, etc.) instead.
  7. Other text fragments. Some words are replaced with other phrases that have a similar meaning so the general sense of the sentence remains unchanged.

Let’s analyze some examples of changes in the text of fraudulent emails.


Below are some emails from yet another mass mailing.


Fake pages

To steal personal information from users, scammers create phishing HTML pages which partially or completely copy the official website of a company. If victims of fraud enters their personal information (bank details, usernames and passwords) on this page, that data immediately falls into the fraudsters’ hands.

To mask the links leading to phishing websites the fraudsters often use popular free URL shorteners. In addition, most services offer customers the ability to view the statistics on the short link which tells fraudsters more about the number of clicks on any links etc. Phishing pages can be located on specially registered domains which usually have a short life span as well as on compromised domains whose owner may not even be aware that the web site is being used for fraudulent purposes.

Let’s analyze a fake email sent on behalf of FedEx in which recipients are asked to update their account information. The text of the email contains a link to the official website of the company while the real address to which the user is redirected is nothing like the legitimate page and is located on a free URL shortener service. This becomes obvious when you hover on the link.


After clicking the link, users get to a fraudulent page imitating the official website of FedEx, where they are asked to enter their logins and passwords to access their accounts. Once the users fill in the fields and click “Login”, the entered information is transmitted to the scammers who can then access the victims’ personal accounts. The menu tabs and other links on the phishing page are often inactive, so clicking on them will not take users to the appropriate page. However, in some cases, phishers imitate all links on the page so that users do not have any doubt about its legitimacy. Sometimes the design of the page imitates the official site but does not copy it completely. If you have a closer look at the details, you will see some differences between the designs of the real and the fake pages. However, most users do not pay attention to small details and this carelessness helps the scammers to steal personal information.


Below is yet another example of an email sent on behalf of FedEx. This time it contains a malicious link.  The email informs recipients that delivery is impossible because of missing information. And now users have to follow the specified link for verification.


The link leads to a fraudulent page where potential victims are invited to download a program that will supposedly check whether they are really going to receive a parcel. Naturally, the program turns to be the well-known Zeus Trojan, which helps the fraudsters to access the computer and all the personal information on it.


Scammers might not only include a phishing link in the body of the email, but also attach an HTML phishing page designed to steal personal data. However this use of HTML attachments as phishing pages is unusual for fraudulent mailings sent on behalf of delivery services.

Fraudulent emails in different languages

To increase the audience of recipients and customers, spammers are mastering new languages. In addition to traditional English and German, current spam traffic includes emails in Hebrew, Albanian and other languages​​ which were found in advertising and fraudulent mailings a few years ago. For example, you may come across fake notifications from international delivery services written in Italian and Dutch. These emails do not have any special features that distinguish them from English- or German-language messages – to cheat users, the fraudsters resort to the same tricks.

For example, this Italian-language fake notification from FedEx tells users to confirm their identity by following a fraudulent link.


Yet another mass mailing in Italian contained a malicious archive which included the Zeus/Zbot Trojan used to steal personal data. The fraudulent email claimed that the user profiles on the website had been updated and there was more detailed information about it in the archive.


Another fake notification written in Dutch on behalf of TNT informs recipients that new accounts have been formed for them, with details in the attachment. The archive attached to the email contains Backdoor.Win32.Andromeda, a malicious file that allows the scammers to control the infected computer without the user knowing.


Malware in fraudulent emails

Spam is one of the most popular ways of spreading malware and infecting computers on the Internet. Attackers have various tricks to make victims install malicious software on their computers. Email traffic includes a variety of private emails, such as wedding invitations, dating offers and other similar messages. However, fake notifications from well-known companies and brands providing different services remain the most popular cybercriminal trick. International delivery services are also used by spammers as a cover for malicious spam.

Malware spread in fake notifications from delivery services is divided into:

  1. Trojan programs developed to perform unauthorized operations in order to delete, block, modify or copy data, to disrupt computer or network performance. Trojans distributed in spam include Backdoors, Trojan-Downloaders, Trojan-Proxies, Trojan-PSWs, Trojan-Spies, Trojan-Bankers and others
  2. Worms, malicious programs capable of unauthorized self-proliferation on computers or computer networks. Those copies go on to spread themselves further.

What is dangerous about malicious programs?

  1. They can steal usernames and passwords from users’ accounts, as well as financial or other information sought by the attackers.
  2. They can create botnets for distributing spam, DDoS attacks and other criminal activity
  3. They can provide fraudsters with control over victim computers, including the ability to run, delete or install any files or programs.

Current malicious programs integrate broad-ranging fraudulent functionality. In addition, some malicious programs can download other malware, providing additional opportunities. These might include stealing usernames and passwords entered in the browser or seizing remote control over the whole computer.

Malicious objects in fraudulent notifications can be embedded directly in the email or downloaded from a link provided in the body of the message. The most dangerous thing about it is that malware can be run and installed without users being aware or installing any software themselves. Typically, malicious ZIP (less often RAR) files enclosed in fraudulent emails have an executable .exe extension.

How to recognize phishing emails

Below are a number of features that can help to identify a fraudulent email.

  1. The sender address. If the sender address includes a random sequence of letters, words or numbers, or the domain has no connection with the official address of the company, the emails should undoubtedly be considered fraudulent and deleted without opening.
  2. Grammar and spelling mistakes. Wrong word order, incorrect punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes can also be a sign of a fraudulent mailing.
  3. Graphic design. Scammers are doing their best to make the email look very similar to the original. To this ends they are trying to imitate other companies’ corporate styles using some of their elements such as color schemes and logos. Inaccuracies and noticeable design errors are among the signs of a fake email.
  4. The content of the email. If the recipient of the email is asked under various pretexts to urgently provide or confirm personal information, download a file or a link – especially while being threatened with sanctions for not doing so – the email may well be fraudulent.
  5. Links with different addresses. If the address of the link specified in the body of the email and address of the actual link to which you are redirected do not match, you are definitely looking at a fraudulent email. If you are viewing your email from the browser, the actual link can be usually seen in the bottom left of the browser window. If you use an email client, the actual link can be displayed in a popup window if you hover the cursor over the link in the text. Fraudulent links can also be attached to a text phrase in the email.
  6. Attached archives. Generally, ZIP and RAR archives are used by cybercriminals to hide malicious executable EXE-files. Therefore, you should not open these archives or run the attached files.
  7. Lack of contacts for feedback. Legitimate emails always provide contact information for feedback – either the company or the sender’s personal contacts.
  8. Form of address. Fraudulent emails do not necessarily use the first name or the surname to address the recipient; sometimes a universal form of address (“client”, etc.) is used.

Scammers’ delivery service: exclusively dangerous


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  1. Earl Hamper

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      1. Steve

        Be leary!!!! It’s not stuck at customs, check your tracking number to see where it is, the scammer may tell you you have to pay a customs compliance fee or an insurance levy to get the parcel which of course doesn’t exist, be carefull!!!!

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          Hi Kc Santos!

          As a rule I wouldn’t pay for anything I didn’t mean to buy, including unexpected parcels.
          As to this issue, the best advice I can give is to report it to the police.

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        He is a computer engineer at iTechArt Company based in London. He added me on Instagram and wished to talked to me thru whatsApp because he was not comfortable chatting me thru Instagram.. his number has an area code for MALAYSIA. weeks passed then he received an offer to Turkey.but he needs to pay for his accommodation there.. He sent me payment details on where he will send the accommodation for him not to be suspected. But I already suspected that he was a scammer. Right before he came back to Turkey he wants to lend him again another 15,000pesos for his contract signing bonus Usd3,000. But I refused to send the money then he said that he sell his laptop for him to get the bonus. The day after he return to UK. He go shopping. He sent. e video from his shopping but I was shock that he was at MUSLIM MALL in UK. After that he sent me another video that he was in POST OFFICE and he will send me the package. I ask for tracking number coz he put some cash inside. But he said no tracking number gave to him. After that day the courier VALID:DELIVERY EXPERT contacted me that I have a parcel and is now ready to deliver after I made a payment of Php15,000.00. After arguments and clarification I asked for the PAYMENT DETAILS and I was shocked that the INTERNATIONAL COURIER wants me to made a payment thru GCASH to a certain person. I called the number they gave me but its unattended. Next I asked for BANK DETAILSA but another certain person’s account they gave me. I ask the bank of this certain person is connected to VALID: DELIVERY EXPERT. But they denied it. They try to contact me and insisted to get the parcel but I won’t pay for that CLEARANCE.

        1. Grace

          this story happend to me exactly like it is today. i met someone through apps named KHEMKAENG CHAI. he said he is thailand who born in London and work in Rome italy as Mercedez Benz Engineer. We move to whatsaap, change instagram ( username: chai_khem_ ) and he was about to give me a birthday gift with Emergency Package so it can be delivered within 24 hours. He send his London ID Card ( now I knew it was photoshoped ), He also send me a video of his self walking on to the gym on the road. He also send a video he is in the Rome Fashion Store. which i was fall to his trick and believe him, so i gave him my address. and then the next day someone who act as a courrier text me and gave me info that I need to pay IDR 3.000.000 ( I send it) to the PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT in my local bank for permit fee and excess weight. He is US Citizens and using +1 number to contacting me. He also ask for another IDR 2.000.000 ( I send it) to the same PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT like before for law and trade because He said the receipent was sending me a lot of money in Envelope and it is crime. a few minutes ago, he ask me to pay IDR 5.000.000 ( I didnt pay) for tax of the money. If not, I will join to the jail. He also threathening me when I am about asking the Airway Billing Number, Payment proof of khem, His local logistic address in my country, and many more. On the other hand, khem was trying to make me believe that the courrier is trusted logistic named VALID DELIVERY EXPERT. He wants me to pay what The Courrier needs. and short story, they both were blocking me at the same time. Unfortunately, i have to lost IDR 5.000.000 million one day before my birthday. I also come to my local bank to freeze those PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT so I can get my money back. but the process was so complicated that I need the Police Report and etc. I know this is a scammed where I found this website page and read a lot of reviews about this SCAMMER.

          1. Putri02

            Hi, thank you for experience. And i’m so sorry for this. Maybe i’m one of them as his target. But, i never send money to him. This happen to me in November 2022. At least when I read your story, he’ve done this for 8 years and the target is indonesian people. Now he’s in whatsapp +39 350 565 1619 and ig name still same. Just be carefull scammers are near from us. He’s name Khem Chai or KhemKaeng Chai born in Thailand and stayed in Italy. He works as Representative in Mercedes Benz. He’s born in 1993 on November 22 (i know from him). Beware he’s so handsome.

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            I so sorry with what happened to you. i just met him, he said he lives in cyprus and works in mercedes benz. Thanks, I’m being more careful .

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      sadly I can’t pay that amount because I don’t have extra money.

      They are giving me Gcash number and not bank account number.

      That’s why I think it’s kinda fishy I think someone wants to scam me because Christmas season is near approaching

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  10. Daye Trabasas

    Recieved a letter from LFLS a logistic cargo company from china that the shipment from china bound to japan is now being held at dubai custom for tax declaration.and I had to send them money to process tax declarations to be able for the shipment to be this legal?

    1. William Moore

      This doesnt sound legit. I also received an email from another company asking the same thing. That taxes had to be paid before they will deliver.

      1. zyd

        Is anyone familiar with Only Logistic Express Courier Service? Are they legit? it just landed in saudi arabia and they found out that my package has mix package and i need to pay 6000 in peso to realese my parcel

        1. Suzanne Daubert

          I have a guy named Paul Alioski saying he is a diplomat contacting me to deliver a consignment sent to me by Richard Philips visiting Dubai. Richard told me he was working in Doha, Qatar, he had a conference in Dubai, and he would ship me some souvenirs. Now, Paul Alioski, the diplomat, is asking me to send him 2,000.00 American dollars so he can come to my city in Canada to deliver it. I will be honest because my relationship with Richard Philips grew; I was in trust. I tried several times sending the money, but it always came back as suspected fraud. I kept my money. The company he said he worked for was Logistic Courier & Vault Services in Dubai. The diplomat Paul Alioski wanted me to send the money to Houston, Texas. Would you please look into this for me?

        2. manishS

          i am also a victim of only logistics experess. I tried to research more about it but there is nothing about the company

          1. Marielle

            Is anyone familiar of a Sky access logistics?.

    2. Anne

      I have received a message from whatsApp that my package was held by customs for clearance and I have to pay 500USD. I track the package and its status is held in custom for clearance. But when I search for the couriers name it is legit. But then I wonder why do they do not call me instead message me on whatsApp? And take note accdg to the message they will give me the account details once I am ready to pay for the clearance. Is this a scam?

      1. Sheriz

        I got an emailed that i will received a package the air standard logistic with tracking #ASL205437621 and track in and when i track it its already landed here and someone called me and asked to pay 5,000pesos before they will delivered the luggage in my doorstep. And they only contacting me in my whatsapp instead of my number calling. And they told me need to pay first the 5,000peso before they will deliver the package

      2. Kas

        Let me know if it’s real and went through !

      3. Cherrie Mae Lozada

        It is happening to me today, my friend sent me a parcel from Romania to Philippines, and it was happened that I need to pay for the clearance fee in customs. I asked the tracking number ,yes it was tracked but there is a little doubt in laying the said clearances. Hope you could help me.. Please do checking if Corea Express Delivery is the same to Korea Express Delivery.

        1. Jane Linguete

          Hi. Did you settle the amount?

          1. Rizalina

            Someone in the name of Michael holden saying he’s a mechanical engineer and working in a cruise ship telling me that he send me a package with identification on the contents on it. After 3 days I got a notice from with a given tracking account number with senders name and address and my name and address on the addressee informing me that my package has already shipped in the Philippines pending delivery because I should have to pay the customs clearance fee of P21K plus before they can delivered the said package. But I told them just to return the package to the sender

        2. Ophola Mashiya

          This just happened to me now and I paid for the fee I even borrowed the money to pay for this parcel, I’m not okay after finding this out,I mean how can I be so stupid??

  11. Zaideth

    Was his name James Black?

    1. Yniah

      To me his name is James Michael.. So sad that there are scammers like those people….. Why can’t they just work? Why do they have to do these kinds of things to women???? I’m really angry right now because of reading all this stuffs here realizing the fact that I am being scammed too….. Such a waste of time with these kinds of people, they are really the best of what they do….. He really thought that I would fall for his trap. Maybe now he is kinda wondering what is wrong with me now that I had not been talking to him…

  12. Barb Stonestand

    Is kf direct a legitimate delivery service ?

  13. Rihanna

    I am at this point now. I paid and yet I have not received the package and the numbers cannot be reached

  14. William Moore

    I received an email from a supposed company called Integrated Parcel Service. Said I had a package but needed to pay the taxes on it. An exurbanant amount. I just have fun emailing them back and toying with them as they are clearly not legit.

  15. Veggie

    Can anyone tell me if skylimit logistics is a legit company? We have a package send to us but they are demanding a fee of $20000 AUD. When we search the company we can’t find any information about the company.

  16. Prity

    i was also contacted by a man using Lucas on Instagram he said he bought me some gifts laptop and a phone and few things so he said i i must pay duty of $1200usd to Kenya and i refused then i got a call from Kenya to pay the money on Western Union and i refused it something that is happening now as i am speaking i refused to pay the money and i told the guy to pay it himself

    1. irene

      Same experience a man named chung hee sent me a friend request on Instagram and i accept his request then he messaged me saying thank you for accepting him. After that we had a lot of conversation until he ask me if i have WhatsApp account and i just give him my account on Whatsapp we continue our conversation their until one day he said he want to go shopping and buy stuff for me. At first i refuse to accept his offer but then again he told me that he just to give me a gift for a better friendship so i let him do that. He asked my personal information saying that it will be needed in the delivery company. So i give him the data he needs after that he sent me a receipt on the said Courier including the reference of the package it looks real so i didn’t doubt him. he also send pictures and videos of the stuff he buys for me. He told me I jus need to wait 14 hours before the luggage will arrive in the Philippine. So after that i got an email from the courier company naming H&B Logistics Diplomatic courier service saying that the luggage already arrived in the Philippines and in order for them to deliver it immediately i need to pay 3500 for clearance fee and i did what they told i send my payment through gcash account. After that i received a message in Whatsapp demanding me to pay another 3k for the Anti money laundering certificate because their is cash inside the luggage and if i don’t send the payment immediately they said i will be get arrested

      1. Reni

        Same thing happened to me.. like because he was telling me that he wants me to get gift for his huge oil project that he had in Turkey, so he was like he put 15 000 USA dollars inside of the package.. so I had to pay for like around 1 200euros. and if i wasnt able to pay whole price I could pay 600euros. but since I havent send any money.. They scanned the money and he started to telling “the company that delievers package” kept telling me that I will go to jail and that I have to pay extra fee now around 2000 euros. So as i got the message my “friend” about it he automatically blocked me on the WhatsApp.. So I did some researching about the address they gave me in email. As it seems the address does not exist at all. And they are keep on messaging me on email and asking money. How can I stop getting emails from them? Thanks for the help.
        The company for delievery that was used from the person is Express VL – CARGO
        E mail: expressvlcargo53(at) which doesnt match with the real side of the Express cargo company

      2. Maria Clara

        Hey, dear. That Chung Hee man also approached me on Instagram and asked for my WhatsApp. When he added me on WhatsApp, I searched for his number’s country code and tells it from Indonesia yet he identified himself as a korean. What a scammer! He will offer gifts and eventually he will ask for money in order for you to get that gifts which contain jewelries, dollars, and Iphone. He thought he can fool me with the video he sent.

  17. Sandrille

    My boyfriend was planning to visit me then he will send first his luggage because he was in a mission but about to end. Then he told me told i need to pay first the $250 before recieving his luggage. He also send me some many proof that his luggage was on process already but its kinda weird because why i need to give money first. Anyone could answer me if this is scam?

    1. Xinderella

      Scammer collaboration w another syndicate to trick you to pay.If u never meet those online, its common sense its their cunning way of cheating you through this plot. To give you an illusion of a gift..common sense why can’t he meet you to pass you?

    2. Michael Bafanayaa


  18. Rosalyn salazar

    Is oversea express courier legit?

    1. Gena Latayada

      I was been scammed for a particular person. He told me that before of his schedule of visiting me in Philippines he needed to send all auction home appliances and many more items including covid 19 items like face masks, sanitizer and etc.. He gave me the link with the tracking number and one of his asset that involves during my payment through gcash was Arthur A. I paid almost
      a big amount and that time happened i was in pain because i am not feeling well they took advantage my situation.. i will attached the name of the shipping company… Standard cargo services international. I am seeking for help not to return the money but to sue them all..

      1. Marjorie sarmiento

        Is it a god is great international cargo company legit? Someone send a package name oliver george smith i wanna.if it is legit thanks

        1. Ces

          I also want to know if God is Great international Cargo is Legit.

          1. lyn

            What happen to your cargo did you receive the package?cuz i got a parcel also same as you are.And i dont know if it is legit or not.

  19. Damaris kimani

    I wish I would have come across this before. A week ago a white man friend requested me on IG by the name (@jacksmart000)we began having conversation and later he asked for my number he later chatted me on whatsapp with a UK NUMBER WITH THE CODE(+44). Thinking that I was the luckiest woman on earth finding a white man I hadn’t seen it all untill this guy after a long chat of knowing each other he just told me he is heading to a supermarket what should he get me? He asked, and so I answered anything nice he will get. So he told me to send him my address and full names so I did,he then told me he will send the parcel immediately and I’ll receive it the next day cause he was going to use DELTA CARGO COURIE COMPANY. The next day came and I received a call in the morning by a guy who claimed to be working in the office so he demanded 20,000ksh for delivery and custom fee, so I did my best and sent the money then after some minutes he called again and asked me to send another 15,000ksh cause he released their is money in that parcel which is illegal to be sent through as part of the parcel. Mind you this mzungu guy after going to supermarket he sent me a list of what he had bought me it was as follows :

    A gold jewelry
    Diamond necklace
    I Phone
    Hand bags
    Rolex watch
    A ring
    And an envelope of (30,000pounds)which in kenyan money is almost 4 million. I was a happy person on earth not having any doubt. So the guy from the office told me that their is alot of money here you are supposed to send another 15,000 as a government mandate to allow this money to be delivered to. I started hustling seriously until when I approached lots of people about it and told me their is nothing like that, and that it was a scum it was still hard for me to believe. But now as we were communicating with this “mzungu” and telling him the office is demanding money from he kept on insisting that I should just send them for the parcel to be released cause it has lots of expensive goods,of which he was very convisable. Only after realizing this office guy was a scum because he started becoming so rude cause I was not sending the 15k.On the other hand the mzungu was insightful now and then that I should send the money. So this morning he asked me if the office called me I decided to lie by telling him no cause I had already started sensing that something is wrong. After some minutes he got back and told me but the office is just telling me that they have called you. I became a little bit bitter by digging in asking him questions and when he found out am now on the lime light he ended up blocking me. BE ALERT AND AWARE OF THIS BUSTARDS GUYS. IT WAS A GOOD LESSON LEARNT IN A HARD WAY AND THEY ARE MOSTLY USING LADIES!!

    1. K

      Thanks a lot that you have shared this story!
      I have almost the same story. Handsome man with UK phone nr, almost the same e-mail address with …
      Just I got an e-mail from Zippy Courier Express (not an existing company) that I need to pay 1200 USD fee + container clean up. This is where things started to get suspicious and I stated to search on web and findr you comment + this page:
      Don’t pay anything to them and please don’t trust in this “handsome” man.

      1. grace

        I have email at Express Global shipping Company that i have a package from my friend .but the shipping company ask me to pay a shipping fee if i must fee$15,000 USD.but if i choose 72hrs.$11,000 USD including tha tax the last economic deliveries 96hrs.the shipping company demand $5,000 USD.i know its a SCAM because the legit shipping company did’nt demand a huge amount to pay for shipping fee.i know if the package arrived at the airport they need to exray the package but if had a commercial the customs examined the items and the customs examiner is the only person who value the tax it defend the items when custom examined.the shipping company have no right to collect a very huge amount as a shipping only SCAMMERS demand the huge amount.why so many people SCAMMERS at dating site at first they are so good but they had bad intention if we Trust him.Ladies Beware of the Dating Apps so many SCAMMERS there.Don’t Trust to someone else.Don’t be a victim of a SCAMMERS.

        1. Sharon

          The same company with the inter in front of it did the same thing. They want 175 or the company will call the police or judge on me.

    2. Besashiele

      Oh my!! We have the same experience. A Thai guy chatted on me, so we confabulate a lot and on the next day, he asked me to give my line number or whatsApp number. According to him he wanted to have a private conversation. He also promised to call me using WhatsApp. After our long conversation, he asked me about what cellphone I’m using, and anything I want. He wanted to buy and shopped for me. he sent me videos and pictures. After that, he also told me everything that he already sent it to the company; then asked my address, and told me that there is money inside the package, too. So, I gave him my real name, address. I was so sincere on responding on his chats. However, there were doubts on my mind and i started to ask him because he told me to prepare 15,000 pesos. borrow and when my package has been delivered I have to go to the bank convert the money and pay my debt. Now, I told him it should never be like that. He suddenly got mad. he sent a picture of receipt. I keenly looked at the details, and I realized different name were indicated on the receipt. On the next morning, This company, called me. They wanted me to pay, of course I argued and report it to my Thai boyfriend. I was puzzled with his reaction. He was not panic nor worried about his package. I still keep on chatting with him, and response as is I truly believe it. … I sent him a lot of message but till now, he didn’t make any responses..

      1. Stackz

        Is horizon logistics express a real shipping company and can it be trusted?

        1. Liz

          I have the same experience as you

    3. B

      This ones used true cargo home delivery services
      Successfully robbed me
      Guys be careful

    4. Pravi

      Thank god from yesterday I was searching scam like this
      Thank you all for this message
      You saved me from these frauds
      Same case is going to happen with me
      One of my friend from UK (+44…….) told me that she send me parcel containing
      Macbook air
      Rolex watch
      Nike shoes
      50000 pounds = almost 5 million indian currency
      The shipment will be done by tomorrow
      And she said that i have to pay 35000 indian currency for clearance charge
      Now I get these and aware of these

    5. Kecey

      Kecey. This happened to me recently a guy he is a medic gynae in his profile pic keeps changing showing he is a doctor with stethoscope. We started talking before we know it we are friends. I actually informed him my birthday was coming up and I didn’t ask for anything. He said he will surprise me and I will love the surprise. My birthday was 6july so on 3rd he woke up texted me he is going to shop for me, I didn’t ask what he was going to shop he said it was a surprise.. he sent me picturebof package but it wasn’t clear oh my gosh my mind was not working clearly to even ask why the photo wasn’t clear it was in a big box. On 4yh July my package arrived. I was called to pay 17k who was I I had saved some money I paid without asking myself questions after sometime I receive a text via WhatsApp app why I allowed to be send such huge alot of money. Huuh I was shocked 20000 pounds. I called the guy and asks h if he did send money he said yes and put it in a handbag that it was s surprise he wanted me to use care for myself before he visits me oh my gosh . So they asked for 65k for clearance certificate who was I I sent because toy head I was I have 20000 pounds coming that day I don’t know where my gut feelings was. My savings oh no after I paid then received a text saying the back has been informed I have huge sum of money , I need to pay 128k to clear that’s where is started being suspicious and they threatened I will be arrested if not and I’ll not received my package. That day I cried I was at work I didn’t think cleary. I called the guy and told him the whole story to my surprise he told me to pay so that I receive my surprise oh my gosh I paid the rest of money I had 50k.after that nothing happened they still asked for more before I knew it I lost 132 k I saved for my things I wanted to use money. I was back to square 0 I cried that day. The guy I called him he really sympathized with me. The next day he was mad not talking to me

      He asked me if I had an idea how much he used to send me all that package I told him I don’t know. He started being cold. But upyo now he still talks to me though . I don’t know I was so stupid. I have learnt painful lesson never to repeat such.

      He is called Dr Williams George someone confirm if has ever being scammed by him. The courier service was delta courier service

      1. Winnie Feltendal

        If you Google his name + scam, you will find out that this name has been used in Manu different types of scams.
        It’s common for scammers to use identities of existing persons to make the scam seem more legit.
        I’m very sorry to say, but it seems like you’ve been in the claws of a vicious scammer

    6. Fena

      I’m also experiencing the same thing right now, this is strange, but she’s a woman, we don’t know each other yet, even if she doesn’t want to be invited on a video call, just like your story she gives gifts that are so expensive, gold, Rolex watches and cash using Private delivery service called Kahoob. Does private delivery service exist? There’s no website either which is weird. Suddenly I got an email: (Leo Perez) told to pay $3500 via bank transfer or bitcoin. I’m looking for the company, no website and no social media. I first doubted if this was real or fake. I doubt they work together. When I heard your experience I think I believe she’s a fraud.

  20. Chris

    Hey can you tell me what happened after this? I dated a man online and we video chatted seems legit. Falling for him. And he said he needed to send me some of his belongings before his send off mission. But this suspicious company is emailing me to pay and send 1,350USD to had this packaged be shipped. Please advise.

    1. Anonymous sender

      I had the same stories. I have chatted someone and he said he will send all his valuables including gifts for me. He sent a tracking code to check the shipping thru a courier company website. Seems so real. Then after I received an email from the company that the items is now enroute. Then after they will send again another email that the item has arrived. They they said that inorder the item to be delivered I need to pay the custom charges and clearance fee amount of $1120. It is a scam coz they ask to send it thru an account number which I think belongs to a personal account and not a company owned. It is a scam! BEWARE!!!!!!

      1. Juliana too..and the cargo company just email me and tell that i must pay for more recharge..i must pay 1000 USD..and the package from romania..i email them back to returned the package..cause i don’t have money and they replied like them mad at me cause must returned the package

    2. Qwertyuiop

      I contacted with one person bcos i was using an apps to looking for friends or partner. We chatting everyday. And suddenly she told me that she got something for me she need my full address, phone number and my full name. At first i refused, but the next day i send her my address and my full name because i trusted her. And last night she told me i need to pay for the government tax. And the package will be arrived on Wednesday morning. Now im still here waiting for Wednesday to come and see what will happen. And now she not respond to my chat. We shouldn’t trust anyone we just know on social media. Lesson learned.

  21. Lyn

    Please help, United Nation Express Delivery Legit or not?

    1. Naej

      I have also united nation delivery but need to pay taxes is that a scam?

      1. Winnie

        Yes, it’s a scam!

  22. Azucena Garcia

    Has anyone heard of Quick Xpress Logistics asking for an amount for taxation to release package ?

  23. ghied

    i was been scammed 2 couriers namely non stop courier and paciwest international collecting money but no parcel delivered. so be aware of this couriers

    1. Jellycalyne

      Have you ever heard about EVERGREEN CARGO SHIPPING COMPANY?
      I think it was a scam

  24. Stephen Vincent petersen

    I got a call from wordlwidecourier service saying that I have a parcel and it has 30 000 pounds in and I have to pay for customs to clear it 1850 and pay for the money 4790 and again to put the money in my account to pay 6150 I was so blind I paid the amounts but still waiting there response its just a big scam

    1. sweta

      im also a victime.a guy from scotland pretend to send me message on whats app ,a lot of things like jewellery etc…a company named delta courier services,they asked me it will cost 75,000 rupees i make the payment, then they asked me to pay again rs 120,000…and his phone number +44…he pretends to be a doctor…i regret a lot why i believe him….hes a big scammer n the delivery services also is in hand with him…

  25. Cheef

    Is American Parcel Express legit


    Is anyone familiar with Parcel Mind Courier Service? Are they legit?

    1. Julie

      I have also recieved this “company’s” name. I don’t know for sure but I’m doubting it.

  27. gem

    These scammers usually used the background of uniformed guys. Please be cautious these are scammers.

  28. Erlina

    Dear all, if anyone call you to pay the courier.cost in advance then DON’T do it. Just inform them that you will pay in their warehouse facilities. As all number one courier shipment service like DHL,FEDEX, UPS, etc…having Warehouse facility in each country and pay it direct to cashier in their office or warehouse facilities. As your if receiver refuse to pay the package return to sender.

    1. Mickailla


  29. Sofie

    Can you please verify if Stanbic Courier Express is a legit courier company?

    1. xtian

      i took a supplier from alibaba by the name KROMEELECTRONICS they claim to have been there for 18yrs, i made a purchase of some playstation consoles 5pcs and send them half the payment ( the said they had packed my goods and given to the shipping company ( the goods were to get her to me in nairobi on 1/02/2021 but two days earlier they wrote me demanding $175 for clearing a charge thati paid after that two days later they called the suppplier and shipping company demanding a nother payment of $300 which i refused to pay becasue i had already sent a total of $460 and i hav not gotten any proof from them!
      proficient express services and bestelectronics are a scam and con!

  30. Johannamy Sombrio

    I receive an email from ASL saying that my luggage has arive in general santos airport philippines…but it was hold because there is a money inside…i need to pay 1050 dollars with in 48 me name and nank account to where i should pay…i was tracking the number sent but i could not find it….is this a scam?

  31. Mildred Polino

    Is First Trust Logistics courier Services legit?….
    Their address is even wrong….

    1. Mar

      we have desame questions. I wanted to know also if that company is legit.

    2. Melanie Dionaldo

      Hi is first trust logistics services legit?

  32. Gee C

    Anyone heard of Maximum Class Express Service as a legit courier in Malaysia?

    1. Annur

      hey Gee C
      is Maximum Class Express Service really legit? have you got your parcel?

      1. Junivick Damgo

        maximum class express is a fraud

        1. Jing

          Is the express mailing company is a liget…

    2. Laltlanthanga

      This is fraud.

  33. Cynthia McGuire

    Is Global Eagle Courier a legit company?

    1. Sarah Baker

      Eagle asked me to pay for a fee via bitcoin then once I paid the fee they upped it And keep threatening to get the parcel ceased by customs the person sent is is legit was just wondering on eagle company

  34. danny blackwell

    Has anyone heard of this company? Globalsecuresafedeliveries…. I cannot find any record of them…

    1. Ruth

      Is Express Delivery/Logistics at San Diego California a legit? They are asking huge amount of money before they will deliver the package.

  35. Adeline A Koch

    Received text message from express gold courier asking to contact them, have package from Dubai. Must pay $2,000.00 USD, custom fee. I keep getting messages on WhatsApp. What to do?

  36. Fernando Santos

    Does anyone know if A&A Express Delivery LLC in Orlando , Florida is a legitimate company?

  37. Lee

    I would say that we were having the same guy try to scam us. He used Lucas and he changes his last name and at times will use the name, Paul. He told me he bought me a car, jewelry, and clothes. Today, I was sent a text and email stating I needed to pay $5,800 for the items to clear customs. That was a lie. I looked into how much it would cost and it was $2,000.00. Not only that, but I would never pay for something that is coming into customs. Sky Express Delivery —- Scam

    1. Cherilyn Kennedy

      I’m pretty sure that I’m being scammed by the same man. He says his name is Lucas wall and that he is from Germany. He claims to be in Syria with 49 other Surgeons working for the United Nations. We have been talking for a long time on Hangouts and now he says he wants to come see me and that he loves me. Then he tells me that he put in for a leave and got it and that he sent 2 boxes with all his belongings in them. Including jewelry for me and numerous other things and that as soon as I received them then he would have clearance to leave. Then the next day I get an email from global Fast expressdelivery. They are asking me to send them a total of €40,000 in order for them to be delivered to me I was very suspicious and I questioned him and he claimed that he didn’t know about that but that I should pay it anyway because he didn’t want to lose his boxes. Since reading all these People’s stories I am convinced that he is a fraud . He thought he could scam me out of money by sweet talking me even though I had already told him that I was living on a fixed income and now he’s begging me to try and raise the money and that he will pay me back as soon as he gets here just so you know this is a very handsome sweet talking man who claims to be an orthopedic surgeon, a plastic surgeon who has one child, five children and that he is a widower , But then I found out that he was not and he has a wife that is very alive. So ladies please don’t fall for this guy he is a CAD and he needs to be stopped

      1. Haritha

        Exact situation is being faced by me at present. I got request from a guy in matrimonial site who mentioned that he is working as a dentist in Netherlands and like my profile very much and wanted to meet me along with his mother so booked medical flight and so can’t take his luggage along with him. Because of this he wanted to courier it so after the courier he said they may charge me little local charges while receiving. When asked how much charges and also courier details he said I will receive a mail. Now I received a mail with a subject URGENT FROM COURIER and titled EXPROYAL COURIER with the mail asking Is this Haritha (my name)? I didn’t reply as I have doubt whether it’s real or fraud and checked the email id and also EXPROYAL COURIER but no courier service found with that name having that mail id in it’s contact information. Can anyone suggest whether it’s real or fraud?

  38. Cristina del rosario

    Is excellent express courier service legit company.. I have a package coming from New York.. I received an email that the package is already here in Philippine custom.. I already paid 14,200 php for the custom charge.. after settling my payment through bank transfer, I got another email that there’s a huge money inside the package and I need to pay 34,500 for the money laundering penalty.. anyone here who could help me with this?! I tried to call the number of Philippines custom who texted me earlier but they didn’t respond..

    1. Revee

      Same experience….

  39. Lisa Chadwick

    Hi does anyone know if express us legitimate? Asking for more money for goods to be released?

  40. Bryan

    It is a fraud they collect and collect fees then charge you demurrage that does not should be the fault of the customer

  41. Bryan

    Yes it is but maximum class express is a damn fraud

    1. Filo

      Any knows if EXPRESS WAVES COURIER COMPANY is ligit?

      1. Ana

        I would want to know the same, as they comunicate by whatsapp, but asked strange for me things..

  42. heart

    is post express delivery co. legit?this friend of mine used my email and contact details to received a “package” the this post express delivery message me and my friend sent me the link to trace tracking number. as per the logistics i need to pay the clearance fee to receive the package but just to make sure i search everywhere and this is what i found.i didn’t reply to that friend coz i think shes scamming me

  43. Orla Almenar

    Hi just want to validate is this company legit Mega Fast Courier Service i have a tracking number. I monitor this because simebody send me a cargo UK to Philippines. But i wonder they were asking me to pay 16,000 pesos for tax etc.
    Please help me for ths concern. thanks

  44. Anonymous

    I have anexperience also,i have a man in USA we meet via messenger,we chatted each other and after the long run we became special friend,acording to him he is a pilot befor he go to venezuela for work their company have a free shopping according to him he don’t need it so he shop for me
    1 unit of ipone laptop
    1unit of iphone 11 pro max
    1 gold necklace
    1gold watch
    1 ring
    1 handy prada bag
    And money inside
    It seem to be real because he seen me the link of the courier,it was a wise courier and he also sent me the tracking # then i check it my name was there,the delivery company here in philippine call me the package was arrived then she told me that i need to pay tax clearance because there is money inside the packge,then i pay for it,then she ask to pay again for the demurrage then i pay but she asking more in more payment and i stop,.did you think it is a scum?

    1. She

      May I know the name?

  45. Nenita Galapati

    Hi everyone. I need help, are you familiar with Purolator Delivery Service Company? Is that legit? My boyfriend told me he will send me money by that courier, he was an us army who was now at Afghanistan for mission. I did not receive any calls yet
    asking me to pay for the parcel, because he said that the delivery courier will be arrived here in my country by Monday or Tuesday? Is this scam?

  46. Anthonette

    By reading some articles and comments just now. I sense that this person I’ve been talking for a month is suspicious too. He told me he wants to shop for me like? why would he? lol. So someone messaged me today that my parcel have arrived in our country and asking me to pay 20,000 pesos for some custom fees and delivery charged. The guy also indicate that he is an agent in this so called Global Courier Company. What do you think about that courier company? Is it legit? Because you know… I’m really trying my best not to be overwhelmed. I’m starting to have trust issues now.


      Standard cargo services international is it legit?

      1. Faby

        Eu estou com uma situação parecida, o rapaz chamado Garfield chester me pediu me endereço nome completo enfim não dei nome completo. Dia 21/02 recebo email com fotos dos presentes que ele diz ter mandado para meu endereço pela empress GLOBAL ACCESS COURIERS EXPRESS. Para eu poder recebe essa mercadoria tenho pagar valor de R$ 8.250.00 reais. que a mercadoria rsta na alfandega porque veio im envelope com documentos e dinheiro dentro, eu preciso fazer deposito conta pessoa fisica.PAGAMENTO NA ALFADEGA SE FAZ POR BOLETO DARF. Eu me sentir precionsda tenho do até amanhã para resolver esse golpe. LOGICO QUE NÃO VOU PAGAR.

  47. Filo

    At this moment I find myself in the middle of the situation as the most comment here above.
    Pretty Guy gained my confidence by weeks of chatting. Then the package with valuable things. Hold at the customs in Turkey. Where a lot of money is necessary to pay before clearancing and ensurancing and deliverance.
    Unfortunately I did search for this site first before paying. Now, my wallet is €5420 lighter. I feel such an Idiot.

    1. Fifi

      I think I’m in the middle of the same kind of scam. I’m going through the web trying to find out if the courier company is legit or if this is a scam.

  48. Sam

    Anyone herd of prevek courier company in Swansea desperate

  49. Saliha Salihi

    Ir is saliha from Afghanistan
    Is skylimit delivery company legitimate??

  50. Rubi

    I received a text message telling me that my parcel was arrived here in the Philippines but telling me that the customs holds my package because I should pay for the customs clearance tax for about 42,500 pesos. As I thought the receiver should not pay anything. The shipper commanded me to pay for the clearance tax of his package.

  51. Peter Nwanta

    Please I want to know if Dania Direct Logistics is legitimate. I made an online order that was sent through them. I have paid several taxes and they are still demanding for more money saying that this is the last time that I will have to pay. Please I need a confirmation. I am already sensing scam.

    1. Shirley

      Hi what happen whit this company. Was a scam?

  52. richard

    also has anyone heard about the maximum class express service that provides delivery services is it a legit company.. I also want to know whether this realtechtelpa company is a legit company that sell electronics.. because I ordered some products there and they provided me with the courier service I just mentioned about

    someone please help me out here and also do check this website

    1. Bethany Allen

      Did you get any answer about maximum express deleivery? Thanks

  53. Samuelsunday

    Please is there any logistic company named WORLDWIDE SPEED DELIVERY? Are they legitimate?

  54. Analiza Verona

    Standard cargo services, is it legit or not please help me some advice

    1. Zeek

      Have you heard about yang ming marine transport services International?They are asking me to pay tax , insurance and transportation of my package and should be paid before I recieved it. Even they told me that the tracking number will be given once I paid the compulsory amount which is $15,700.

      Are they legitimate?
      Is this not a scam?

  55. Jona

    Good day i am jona i have concern about the luggage please.already sent parcel go to philippines.i have recieve email my parcel already here in manila .before recieve parcel we need to pay 500usd.

  56. Jessah


  57. Rosalie Pol

    i want to know if this tracking number in prime express delivery is legit i have package not recieve because the costume hold i need to pay 15,500 this tracking number is legit? Ped0963436121CA, im worried about this, this package last november 28,,,Reply Please

    1. juli

      hi, just to ask if did you pay for clearance fee and receive the package?

  58. jhen

    Is airmax courier is legit? I have friend, he’s so nice and very hardworking he also an orphaned & lost contact w/ his uncle ask me to be a reciever of his belongings including w/ his last mission payment. He convinced me many times but i dont agreed. He begged me for his future and dream hospital wants to build he said. I dont agree coz i know money cant be sent in package it can be hold by the Customs but he said it was approved by UN govt so its okay. He was in a hurry coz of his mission. No bank opened in there area coz of war only courier can send their package to.He convinced me. I gave my personal details.First stop service courrier emailed me asking for insurance fee $1500 in china customs. Before 24 hours I paid the amount coz my friend begged me to pay and promise will double my money. Next. stop, got emailed from airmax courier that phil customs ask for changing ownership and the amount is $4000 i replied u cant change the name of ownership coz i am just a reciever not a sender of that package why should i pay isnt it to much? You may send back the package to the place where it came from and i will not pay for it. If youre not pay w/in 24 hours the package will be confiscated by the customs they said.I told my friend he tried to convinved me to give the money and ask for discount. I told to him i am being scammed and i will not allowed it but he keeps chat on me many times to pay and give the money. Airmax courier emailed again threatened me if not pay w/in 48 hours US govt will come to my house and will take me to jail for being unresponsible. I told to that man lets BOC take over your package we have now funds to purchace for covid vaccines. Then I ignored both of them

    1. Luci

      Any updates on this? Did you hear from them again?

  59. Shane

    Proficient Express Service. Products keep getting held in various countries, they keep asking for more money for VAT and taxes, keep claiming I will be reimbursed once my products are delivered. Also asked for another $800 as my products were on hold for COVID insurance? Seems like a definite scam, I should have gone with the freight company I usually use, but I was drawn in by the “Free Shipping” Lesson to be learned, trying to save a buck and cut corners costs more in the long run.

    1. Shane

      Also shipment had a “mistake” they “Accidently” sent 70 instead of 7 and request I pay the VAT and taxes on them before they are released.

  60. Marta turingan

    Is instant world wide delivery legit?

  61. Susan

    Can anyone inform me if Global-EP Logistics is a legit shipping company?

  62. Jean

    has anyone heard of delivery express DE GROUP ?

  63. Anna

    Hi all
    Urgent help,
    Anyone heard about JGlobal delivery??
    I paid for the parcel but now they want lots of money for custom

    1. Gigi

      Is aircargo smart and delivery company legit?

  64. Juliana

    I just receive a message that i got a package from romania but must pay 1000 USD first..for that true must pay that much??thanks

  65. Steph

    Is there a service called express private delivery with Swift Couriers?

    1. Anna

      I need to know this too.
      How did it go?

  66. George Wheeler

    Is the company “” a real and legitimate company?

  67. Tannabah Williams

    Is united star express a real shipping company? I have a parcel that is being sent to me and they are asking for $3000 to deliver it. They said I have to send my my payment through bitcoin.

  68. Christy

    I keep getting text messages from DHL saying my order ready for delivery. When I click on delivery details asks for delivery fee. Is th scam?

  69. Clarissa

    Has anyone ever heard of AKG Courier Services LTD? I thought I had found a respectable breeder but now I believe I was scammed. AKG asked for a $1500 refundable pet insurance to transport. After the refund they said they would need a $1500 direct deposit at 1 of 2 local sites. I’m concerned they will try to come after me.

    1. pavithra perera

      Hi is AKG courrier a legit one?

  70. Cassandra Horsely

    lsl delivery services llc is a total scam. They were sending all kinds of items to my address under different people’s names & having me ship the items to Amazon & other vendors. They wanted me to attach my Ebay information to the account claiming it had to do with my salary (which made no sense at all) Website keep showing up in German before my computer or phone asks me to translate.

  71. shyrein

    is Lyon express courier service legit?

  72. Mary Joy

    Worldsafe courier delivery company is legit or not?

  73. Shirley

    I was asked to get in touch with eagle express services regarding a package that is intended for me. I was also instructed to tell them what the package contained.
    I am worried that this may possibly fraudulent. Can you check for me please.

    1. angel

      is OVO express courier legit?

  74. Sherry Ali

    Does anyone heard about this company its called A and K globalcargoexpress there phone number Does not work an they haven’t responded to my email thanks

  75. MAE


  76. Lynette Mann

    I have an invoice from Aglo Freight and courier solutions
    How do I find out if it is legit
    Can u assist me please

  77. Itzayana

    Good morning, can you help me verify if the AirTrust Logistic page is a fraud? They sent me a package from that company.

    1. JB

      I have the same question, can someone help us? a person says that he will send me a gift but they ask me to pay 500 dollars to deliver it

  78. Ute Müller

    Wer kennt Netfleet Express Delivery, ist auch eine dubiose Lieferfirma. Man soll für Zollfreigaben zahlen für eine Box/Koffer. Erst 62 000.– € , jetzt fordern sie 210000.– €.

  79. Maria teresa

    I have a text message from fastway express yesterday then ask for pay the clearance fee ? It’s php30,000 pesos . This is a scam ? Or what? What should i do?

  80. Effie Faur

    very useful article, thanks dude

  81. Annalyn Reguya

    Please help me.verify if Standard Cargo Services International legit…

    1. Feb

      Hi, is it legit or not?

  82. stephanie damkjær madsen

    is legit?

  83. mayshelle

    is standard cargo services int. legit?
    is 10digit # legit tracking number for a parcel?

    1. Czar

      Hi. Im searching too if standard cargo services is legit too?

  84. Neil Frazier

    Are the drop shipping jobs real?

  85. Amadeu Basto Lima

    Gostaria de saber se a empresa de transporte Excel Delivery Service ou exceldelivery serviceltd é verdadeira e fiável

  86. Bonnie

    Ace logistics delivery?? He says a company from Ghana , Africa owes him money he’s in Turkey could I send Acelogistics an email so they could tell me how much delivery would be. No I did not

  87. Chinyere

    Someone sent an UPS shipping invoice for me but I doubt if its real

  88. Daniel

    Made an online purchases. The company is using Horizon Logistics Express for carrier.. They first asked for a $200 refundable insurance payment. Then another refundable payment to clear customs… Is there anyway i can verify this? && also (yes foolish of me) i paid for both the product & insurance via PayPal using “friends & family”

    1. Lucia

      I used this company and system too. Any chance you ever got your package? My tracking says “in-transit” for two weeks now.

  89. Pamela

    Is Global Transport and Courier Services a scam company? I am ordering a bird from Canada. Thank you!!!

    1. Mhelinda

      What can i do i think same situation
      I have a friend he said me i need to pay for delivery charge for parcel its 500 dollars 23.000 pesos this is a scammer jglobal delivery express ?

  90. Michelle

    Anybody heard of a Chris Moore United Nations Diplomat

  91. Pamela Owen

    I think I’m being scammed . I have been talking to this man. And he said he’d sent me money and jewellery but I have to pay $4550.00 to retrieve the package. The man is getting very angry with me.

    1. Sham

      You are cheated. Don’t pay money.

  92. Veronica Arreola Garcia

    So I was talking to someone whom said they where shipping me there belongings.
    Inter-express delivery got a tracking number and everything, then his belongings got hold up at Urine..
    The shipment me company say they could not help me with received the luggage without insurance certificate through Urine.. when I googled the website for inter-express delivery global it says the money coverage included.. and I noticed the number was the same as customer support email with the same to customer support the address was in Florida it just seemed to scam 100%

  93. Pamela

    Keep getting emails from airexpresss(at) saying there is a package waiting for me and I have to pay the amount of £4550.00 for it to he delivered.

  94. Michelle

    FastLink Express Shipping Please check this shipping company I been paying on a package the company charging me $2,300

  95. Stevie Hair

    Premier Express Shipping and Vault Services
    Are these guys legit as only a mobile tel # for a multinational company?

  96. Karla Higareda

    se me envia un paquete desde Grecia por Elite Courier y me piden pagar $1000 US para liberarlo de aduanas y que me sea entregado en mi casa, por que argumentan que mi paquete tiene valor de mas de $1000 dolares, ayudenme no se que hacer, no como saber si es una estafa.

  97. jill

    has anyone heard of openway couriers? if so is it legit

  98. Apple dela Cruz

    Met a guy on Instagram from Shanghai China but raised and born in USA, His IG name is Kendrick Yan. We chatted and end up chatting on whatsapp. After a few days he told me that he is going to Turkey for a company project and then ask me to open his account because he cannot access his bank account I told him I cant open it because its not mine its yours and he wanted to give me instructions for the money transfer from his bank account to Germany to get the materials on the project. I refused of course.

    After few days he told me he will go on shopping for himself and get a gift for me. He send it via first flight delivery ltd, gave the website and the tracking number so I could track it. After 3 days the package arrived and someone sent me an e-mail named Dave without last name ( that the I have to pay for the customs fee and overweight charges. I told him where will I pay, can online bank applicable or can I directly pay to the customs, even told them to send me the statement of account for customs/ or courier advice but instead they gave a bank name/bank account (Account name: Jasmin M Abrazado). I refused, I said why would I pay that huge amount of money that I dont even know if that person is really connected to that courier service. I make some research here and there.. also contacted the customs customers service to check the legitmacy of the package if it fake/scam or whatever. and then I saw this page and confirmed to me it s a scam. Their target are mostly first they are so good but really they had bad intention. Beware of the Dating Apps so many SCAMMERS. Don’t Trust to someone else. Don’t be a victim of a SCAMMERS.

  99. Mary Njoroge

    Hi guy today I fall in a trap 3weeks ago I met a guy from UK and we become friends yesterday he told me that he was going for a shopping and he also want to shop for me coz tomorrow was his birthday so I accepted the offer, so when he reached to the shopping centre,he takes photos of all items he shop for me then send those pics to me, I was speechless coz they were very expensive,he also told me that he is now on his way to airport coz He wants those things to reach in time so that we can celebrate,he take the photo again in airport then he sent them to me, today someone told me my parcel is now ready so she asked me to send some money for clearance but I decided to gurgle before I send and I got this number claim to be a customer service 0771432406,I send the money by the name Gilbert odhiambo,5500 shilling Later on this same number ask for more money 11000k for money laundering but this time I refused to send so its true this small small company most of them are summer let be careful

    1. Elizabeth matter

      Be careful

  100. smaro

    I paid 2100 euros from Poland for a package. At the Bulgarian border they asked me for 5500 euros to clear the package. I did not give them. I do not even know if the package is there.

  101. Kathryn T

    Have you heard of Transnation Express Courier and Security Service? Are they legit? They said they are sending me some cash and gold and it’s stucked in UK Heathrow Airport. They sent me a photo of what’s in the box. They asked me to pay $3,400 to be released to me. Is this a Scam?

  102. Mary joy armenta

    Is anyone know if STARDOM EXPRESS DELIVERY IS LEGIT. they askes me to pay $520 so they can deliver the package to my address

  103. Bonnie S Williams

    I won’t to know if Global Shipment Securities Company is real because my package they say in at O’hare airport in Chicago but I need to pay $1,500 for them to deliver my package. Plus after 7 days will be $50 if not paid and delivered.

  104. Bella Avila

    Is Ifeltz express courier legit?

  105. samson

    i received some gifts and donations to opharns through global courier services international.Before receiving the package i was asked to pay 100$ for clearance in the port. Incidentaly the number that called me is of my country but the sender of the package shared a united states number which seems legit,please help.

  106. Marcelo's Man with a Van New York Inc

    Impressive! Thanks for sharing this post.

  107. Marissa

    A man I met on Facebook claims to be military serving in kabul Afganistán he sent me a package thru main line courier uk I have to pay 3850 to receive this package but the company only answered one of my emails and the one I asked for Method of mayments from there they haven’t answered any of my questions is this a scam

  108. Leonard

    Is this legit? KINGS EXPRESS LOGISTICS cause it asked me to send my information since a parcel will be deliver to me. However it asked me as well that I might pay not more than $1000?

  109. Ruth Walters

    Swiftglobalcourierservices is this a fraud?

    1. Sisto

      Its happening now I met this handsome man but with white hair in a dating site we exchanged contacts and started chatting through WhatsApp…then he asked if we can meet i said yes he asked me to travel to california i said I don’t have a passport then he insisted I promised to get it but later he insisted that I should get it faster he needs me i said I don’t have ready cash…he asked how much I needed then he said according to the company he is working with they are not allowed to send money outside the country because of their government issues…then later on he agreed to send me a package but with few shopping so as to put the money inside…I said thanks…after a short while he send some short clips of the shopping which was…an iPhone..necklaces…clutch bag…wrist band…shoes…and a jacket and an expensive designer perfume….am telling you I thanked God for this loving husband….and mac you we could video call he is just the guy in photos and I could even wave to his friend…he send plus a photo of when at the airport releasing the parcel….then he called asking me to pay 200 dollars for clearance and warned me not to tell anyone there is money in the package he said it was 20000 dollars which is 200000k…..I was overwhelmed…then I thought of when the deal is too good think twice….and before I forget he even packaged a weave for me…then I started searching for the said logistic company until I found myself here…as I am typing he is texting me and am waiting for the cargo company to call tomorrow at least I know how I will respond to them….thanks guys and thanks for this page…thanks God for rescuing me.

  110. Caroline Dinglasa

    I am a victim of this, lately they always send me messages they say that if don’t pay the 10,000 they will arrest me,put me in jail the problem is I don’t have any ducoments to prove that those package is for me, even picture I don’t have, end the sender of that package I don’t have a contact,, they said they arrest him and I’m the next who put in jail,,I need your answer about it,they said also I need to transfer the money through their company account,,

  111. Zulu

    Hi. I am a swiss woman and as of January 2021 a man contact me. He was still nice and friendly. He said he is in the US Army in Kabul. Now, a few month ago he went to Damascus. He could not take his valuables with him so he would send it to me. I gave him my address, Now….Highclass courier contacted me for paying 1600 pounds for the parcel. I said no. He begs me to pay, because it would be all what he has. But I never met him. Sure, he sent pics, but I am not stupid. He said, that he sent in a box juwelieys and platin, and dollars I have to pay other juweliers for him here in Switzerland. And he said he put into the box a revolver for my protection. I can come into jail if this box with a revolver would be exist in fact. But it is a scammer, I knew it from the beginning. What I should say is, that he was always care about me. Concerning this I do not stop to response. But we discuss a lot and he said I am so stubborn. Now I said, he should look for his parcel because I do not pay a cent. But he knows all of me, because he said he could find everyone. He kows my address, and all. I am scared, because he said he somes soon. I hope not

  112. Mariel

    Is Kings Express Logistics Services is real cause I met a friend and he send me some accessories but the Asian Office wants me to pay 16000 pesos what should I do?

  113. Latisha Lawson

    I wanted to know is best logistics option a scam?

  114. Hussein Haji Ayub

    Ive received a notice on package that I will received from USA, that is from City Global Delivery Company… Does this company exceed??…

  115. Femajay yasol

    I encounter an email where someone send me a package, which he send at the LONG BEACH PORT SERVICE and with a tracking number LBP042222929296 . Came from USA into Philippines – the sender, send me a link to trace the package and to trace the tracking number he send, yes i open the link but when i trace the tracking number theres no result – i multiple to search no result no appeared . So i tried to search related the link . I look some link and one of the link tried to track and its appeared , then 4-5 days , i saw 3 country where the package is in last destination is philippines . August 29, 2021 sent – sept. 2, 2021 herein philippine national airport. I received an email from the logistic courier, and they call me . That before they deliver the package, they want me to pay taxes worth 25,000 in peso . They want to send the money before they deliver . Im aware about that , i have cousins delivery a package/cargi directly to their home but they didnt pay before deliver . Which is free .. the man who send me the package email me, he said he received an email from the logistic courier but how if the email attouch in below his name it was may email not his email .
    You know , the package inside include money, gadgets, chocolates , set of gold
    Old and flower . How i sure if this is scam or not . I contact already the email. Service of the logistic . He reply as- not like a greetings , i think he bothered because i requested to open the package before i pay the taxed worth 25k .

  116. Emely Refugio

    is solid way courier delivery service legit from kabul,afghanistan?

  117. Mildred

    Someone bought me gifts in London now a guy from Express Courier called me with an Telkom number telling me that I have to make a payment of R3000 before I can receive my parcel and he send me an Capitec account. This is too dodgy for me

    1. Veronica

      Good morning Madam.

      I hope I’m taking with Miss Onneile Veronicah Maseko.

      We got your box here in Francitown Post office sent by Mr Alexander Mello from United Kingdom London.

      And our office are demanding P1500 for delivery fee after we should deliver your box to your location Block 8 Plot 36507 private bag 00240 Gaborone before lunch time, please help me. Is this legit. It’s from global link delivery

  118. Mildred

    Thank you so much for this webpage it is a real eye opener…Scammers are thinking everyday how to scam innocent people…God knows where they get our numbers from

  119. kaylon Peterson

    United Kingdom {UK}. To {US} United State

    This is to notify you that we have received your email, and we have confirmed your package . and your parcel vault have been registered to : NGB LOGISTICS DELIVERY SERVICE

    All deliveries are insured against theft for $500. Additional insurance is available by request at a rate of $200.75.56 per acceptance of higher declared value is subject to risk assessment, Mr. Taz Peterson. you will have to pay for freight and covid-19. You are to choose out of these options to make the delivery package come fast to your doorstep without any delay.


    Before your items can get to you

    24: Hours Delivery Chargers pulse covid-19 Fee: $ 5, 500

    73: Hours Delivery Chargers pulse covid-19 Fee: $ 3, 200

    168: Hours Delivery Chargers pulse covid-19 Fee: $ 1, 750

    is this a scam

  120. Jan F Cate

    I got email from a courier called BU Express I had been sent a package from London to the U.S. I owed $22,000 in duty fees. Once paid, another email I owed $50,028 for not paying first fee within aa certain time. I refuse to pay more money. Now threatened with possible legal action if not paid. Sounds like a scam to me.

  121. Emma caranyagan

    I hope you will help me.

  122. Jan Cate

    I received notice of a box entering U.S. from London on 8/16/2021. The courier is listed as BU Logistictis Universal . Tracking # 9272018570UK. I paid $9,000 to the person listed by courier to release box. My fiance supposedly paid the remaining duty of 13,000.00 Got another email from courier and U.S Customs I owed $ 50,000. more for late lates paying the first duty. I feel this is a scam. No one in U.S can seem to help me. I am a well educated 69 yo woman . I am hoping this isn’t a scam. I can’t afford to lose this kind of money.

  123. Marilyn bulan

    Is this Link Global Delivery are legit?

  124. Cecile Polancos

    Hello ! I just receive an email today that i have package and i need to pay today so they can give me the tracking number and the website of the courrier company.
    thats the name of courier services but my friend who i met online is working from Afghanistan, he said he will send me packages and the one who help him send it is from the Red Cross is .the letter said
    You needed to pay for delivery fee and stamp fee which is 4710,it is needed for the parcel to be delivered to you in San Gabriel.There is a lot in your parcel.
    After this payment is made we will provide you with the tracking number and the company’s website for you to track your parcel on transit and know the current status.

    Endeavor to make this payment on time in order for the tracking number to be generated.

    We are expecting a reply from you now,so we can send you the consignment agent’s number account details for you to make the deposit.We expect that you make the payment before the end of today and we will start coming to your address.

    Warm regards

  125. Yakhyobek

    Did anyone heard about
    X logistics delivery company

  126. Sara C Fitzpatrick

    I received and order online from someone who wanted me to ship to their courier. It was connectscourier(@) Is this a legitimate courier or not? I could not find them online.

  127. Takeisha

    Good Morning can you Your five this is a real company. Tarland Logistics Services LLC

  128. Jacqueline joosten

    Anybody heard of: global safe delivery service link
    , is this fake, is this scamming. Is the global safe delivery service real.I have to pay 3450 dollars for receiving a case from somebody with documents in it. Talked through SM for more then a year and a half with that person.

  129. Empress

    Anybody heard of Royal smart delivery service, I was texted today that I have a parcel with them and it’s in Abuja now, while my address is uyo and the sender claims he has payed the delivery fee, now I expected they would call, but instead I got a text on WhatsApp and was asked to pay a clearance fee of about 18k for it to be sent to my address, that the package is at Nnamdi Azikiwe airport Abuja, I said I’ll pay on delivery cos I didn’t expect anything like that or someone who is in Abuja will help pick the package, the agent started acting funny, so I asked him to return the parcel to the sender , everything seem to me like scam

  130. Chris Madchawing

    Can i send the email so that you can see if it is scam or not?

  131. Sherrie M Brown

    Fleet wood courier email me and began threatening me to send a large amount of money for a package

  132. Dafne

    I was contacted through whatsapp and they kept saying i needed to pay a cargo stamp for customs. The next day i needed to pay for insurance on the package, me being scared my package wouldn’t be delivered i paid. He later said i needed to pay for a city permit to allow the package into my city and when i try tracking it , it always said the same. I did lose money but then later realized i should chnage my number and card for future reasons.

  133. Tracy

    Canter global I have a ref number for a parcel from my boyfriend who is in iraq sending parcel to the United Kingdom the company are now saying I have to pay 5,500 euros to get the parcel clearance

  134. Roly Flutey

    Does this Company exist?

  135. Keri

    I met guy online in dating apps. After our communications in few days , he told me he’s gonna sent me a parcel containing a gold ring and cash money. He was like using other uniformed personnel as if they were make you believe that everything they said is true. He’s name is Oliver George Smith . The parcel was on the way and the cargo name is GOD IS GREAT INTERNATIONAL CARGO COMPANY. IS IT LEGIT? PLEASE REPLY THIS COMMITMENT. BADLY NEED HELP. I ALREADY CONFRONT HIM AND WAITING FOR HIS REPLY LATER ON.

    1. VIK

      same here, my cousin was about to recieve a package arriving Tomorrow by GOD IS GREAT INTERNATIONAL CARGO COMPANY he met this guy in a dating app and we though that our cousin is the luckiest girl, because she was about to claim EXPENSIVE JEWELRY AND CASH.

      just asking if is this company is a scam?

      1. Allen tagapan

        Me too want to ask if it is legit

      2. CHRISITN


  136. Jervelyn Mesa

    Same here , someone just message me and he said that he sent me a gift and when it arrives in the phillipines it was held in mactan cebu airport because I have to pay for about 18,000 pesos for the taxes fee because the parcel was contains with valuable stuff .. the name of the cargo company is GOD IS GREAT INTERNATIONAL CARGO COMPANY

    1. Mmmmm

      Is Fedairway Delivery Company legit? What about Cross Oceanic Logistics?
      Their websites seem legit.

    2. Naoko

      Hi. Did you get your package? Or was it a scam?

  137. Saray

    I’m dealing with a something that I don’t know if is true but a friend send me a package from Syria but is on hold in the UK and they are asking me to pay 5850 so they can send it to me idk what to do

  138. Julz

    Has anyone used Moore Global delivery?! They want $150 for insurance for my package to be sent…

  139. M manalang

    The GOD IS GOOD INTERNATIONAL CARGO this is legit courier or not? please let me know..

  140. Jessel Cayude

    I have meet someone in dating site and after long conversation month later he said he will send gift to me, he is in greece and the courier he used to sent is GOD IS GREAT INTERNATIONAL CARGO COMPANY. He sent me the link and the tracking number so i can trace it anytime. After 4 days there’s email i have received from the them(the said cargo) and it says that they’re informing me that my package has arrived in philippines but i need to confirm the local tax charges because the items in the package is valuable. I don’t know if it’s scam or not because important person sent a gift to me and it’s ONHOLD now.

    1. Jhensevilla

      Same us me my friend also sent me a gift to me that name is OLIVER GEORGE SMITH i dont know it is true he sent to me the name of Cargo is GOD IS GREAT INTERNATIONAL CARGO…
      I want to know it is cargo is a legit..?

    2. Pam

      me too someone send me thru GOD IS GOOD INTERNATIONAL CARGO COMPANY just like yours i need to pay the local taxes is it scam?

      1. Marjorie

        Someone also send me gifts froma god is great international cargo company…maybe they are scammer

    3. Pam

      What his name you chatted in dating site we are same scenario here

  141. Jean marie

    I must receive a letter from my wife

  142. Daniel slover

    To date I must be on a world wide sucker list as the latest of the emails trying to scam me are actually legit business people who are claiming to be bank trustees or managers etc inheritance scams going on right now along with the new one’s imf proprietary fund’s allocations one are hitting my email every day lately so since I’m not working right now I am having fun with them as always I don’t have any money so I claim to send it cash on delivery for fees or research on my part if you don’t have any money then your able to request from the judge in the country from the inheritance is at for delivery fees to be deducted it involved alot of time to typeemsils making mine look more legitimate than there’s but as always don’t use WhatsApp if there s official website or banking or government offices okay be careful get them good be careful though.

  143. Daniel slover

    Same scams every year and I’m sick if it please don’t open it if it’s official or something like that it’s free fees can be deducted from all inheritance money lottery money and my favorite delivery container with money in it or bearers bonds

    1. Daniel slover

      Wanted to add to my list 5he process of getting a package delivered is going to be delivered by DHL express or central security department in Houston Texas is what I’m dealing with these are legitimate companies as I have checked, I’ll keep you updated on the matter supposed to be a package delivered by diplomat but was corrupt I never paid fees for this so look out as I’m still looking into it. But 4veryone if it sounds to good to be true it’s a scam but keep a eye open cause you never know what might be a long list relative who left you something

  144. Rina

    Anybody heard of Bonex delivery company?? Are they legitimate, or not?my friend from UK snet me a package and I’m scared because I got an email to pay for tax, then they said my package stuck at embassy so that they can’t proceed the deliver

    1. Pear

      We have a similar story.So Did you get a package? Are they legitimate ?

      1. Sheila

        I am from the Philippines, and there’s a guy i meet online and he send me a gift worth 7k for tariff and customs any update for that, bonex delivery company keep on saying that they willl report me to fbi police.

  145. Judy Turalles

    Anyone heard about God is Great International Cargo company?? Are they legit or not..?

  146. Heinrich September

    is sky limit delivery service legit

  147. Heinrich September

    how do I know if I am being scam

  148. bing bauyon

    i got a godgreat int. shipment notice how can i know if this is real ooor fake can you help me …and i need to pay php 18,000 what is that ?

  149. Avinash

    Anybody know about Duty climate services Inc ?? Or this is fraud???

  150. Mary Lee

    Hello. Good day. I hope you can help me. I had a chatmate we met thru instagram almost 2 months ago. He is requesting me to get an unclaimed parcel from UK stating that it should have been a gift from his late girlfriend. I asked him details about the package and he mentioned Capital Delivery Experience courier (Korean Company) I have checked details of that cargo company but I have not seen details. He mentioned that I should contact them thru hang out or email. I am having doubts about what he mentioned since I keep on telling him that he should have contacted the company because he have their contact details to send tha parcel back, he said he wanted to be here in the country thats why I need to secure it. Any thoughts on this?? Please help.

    1. Myles

      Hi i also met a man in tagged he said he is a us army and he found money in a mission he said he will send me $9million and the an email from Worldheight express came telling me that i need to pay the overweight charge or the interpol will haunt me. I asked him to pay it through his account but he said he dont have access now he is scarying me telling me that the interpol will haunt me..

  151. Orombi Noah

    Hi iam Noah from uganda some one claimed that he sent me a package through transit logistics courier company and yesterday they called me asking for money to deliver the package to me

  152. Gary Koh

    do anyone hear of Stardom express. is it legit. please advise.

  153. Judy

    I have a gentleman says he is in a prison in Toronto. Had his ID shipped through New World Express Logistics. Now on hold with Customs and they first wanted 14,000. Us dollars. Then 9,420.00, now 7500.00 for cleanse fees. Is this a scam.

  154. Erva

    Alguien conoce la empresa eagles mega courier en Londres? Supuestamente un amigo que conocí en línea vendria a visitarme y me enviaria su equipaje pero éste fue detenido en Ecuador me llego un correo de que se tiene que pagar $1850 usd para q el equipaje sea liberado pero busco la compañía en google maps y no la encuentro aunque si tiene página de internet sera estafa?

    1. GAES

      Hola ERVA.
      ¿Cómo resultó finalmente este posible fraude?, ¿Podrías decirme que excusa te dijeron para la retención del equipaje?, Creo que me pasó lo mismo, con esta misma supuesta compañía courier.
      Gracias por la información de antemano.

  155. Judy

    Is New World Express a legitimate company? The only one I found was in Dubai. The man I’m talking to sent his Italian ID card sent from Ohio to Canada. And now held in customs for a fee. First wanted 14,200 US, bartered to 9,000 then now 7,550. Is this legit. I confronted them and said the agent lived in UK. Where they had a division. Urgent request.

  156. John Miller

    I am trying to confirm if a company called Droid Security Logistic Service in the UK
    actually exists.

  157. Felipe Orlando Fuentealba Rettig

    Airlight Courier Company ( Elite Service )
    Executive Terry Hammond requires me $265 USD to delivery a donation at My House , There’s a ticket with My name, is this verificable

  158. Arreno

    It does not matter if the delivery service is legit! These scammers use fake emails with copies of actual services rendered or they make it up completely. Any person asking for money and your personal information on the internet is a complete scammer. Keywords to look for in emails are if they say their husband recently died, or they are dying, or thank you for your efforts, attention beneficiary. If they do not address you by your name in the first email, hit the block button! These scammers get away with what they are doing because there are too many gullible people lured in by their lies! There is no such thing as free money or free gifts! If somebody is offering you something, they should pay for all the costs!

  159. Susan

    covitexexpresslogistics a scam delivery company cant find any info on them

  160. Magda

    I received an email from a Swiftfly courier service which I did not click on links instead I Google if such company and went into its website put the tracking number from the email send it come out with all the information from the email, does this make it legit? Also asking for insurance money for delivery from the UK.

  161. Nari

    I was to receive a package from Florida through Airway Line Delivery. I got an email that they needed over $2500 USD for insurance and the $3500 for GST which they said they will refund by cash when they deliver the package. Unfortunately I think my sender was in on the scam because I sent the money to my sender. Then they requested for $2500 for late fees at which point I told my sender to cancel the transaction as i was no longer interested. Now they say they are refunding the fee but need to pay for the refund to be delivered.

  162. Rory

    Anyone ever heard of global swift courier logistics? They are saying I owe a “ City Permit and Postal Trade Distribution license” fee of $500 to release my package for delivery from the airport.

    1. Jared

      Hi just wondering what ended up happening with your situation?
      I’ve been sent a package through the same company global swift courier logistics, and theyre asking me for $1200 “refundable” deposit for the exact same “license”.
      Was it a scam?

      1. Anna

        I would also really love an answer to this one as I’ve gotten myself into the same situation.

    2. Rhiannon

      Is fake? Asking me to pay money. And saying things will get bad if I dont

  163. joan Nambooze

    Hi, Two weeks back I received a whatsapp message with +44, The guy introduced himself as a manager for Shell company and lives in England, we started chatting and he would always ask me what am doing.
    Now this week he said he was going for shopping for his family and wanted to buy me some few things. I said its cool. He asked for my address, ID, full names and all details.
    I gave him my gmail and address for my company but in another area.
    Today he told me he came back from shopping, sent me the list of items he had bought for me and what has made me suspicious is that he sent 100,000 pounds in those items.
    I became suspicious and he asked to let him know if I receive the cake.
    I asked him which courier services he used and said he uses Delta courier service.
    I searched for that courier service in Uganda and it seems unknown. Am quite knowledgeable about the courier services in Uganda.
    I went and searched about it then landed on this because he told me the deliveries will reach tomorrow but in my country the least expected delivery from abroad is 5 days.
    I thank you people for this comments because I would also be a victim tomorrow.


      I have the same situation here. But this courier service it was Global world couriers which they have website and office in US. But Singapore doesn’t seems to have it.

  164. B santiago

    Me estafaron con una página de overseas y hice un pago de 1550 dólares que debo hacer?

  165. Mariah

    There’s this scammer hiding in “Geo Courier Company” name. I received an email but there are lots of grammatical errors and never seen any of such before. Aside from that, they are asking for a freight fee to be paid via Gcash and it smells like something’s fishy here.

  166. Sharon P Jones

    Is Fast Global Delivery a legit company

  167. Gnalat Sbg

    I received Whatsapp message from the agent rapidsky courier asked me to pay RM 1700 so that my parcel could be delivered.

    1. Julie Ann

      Is fast logistics express services legit company


    Is Global world couriers (globalworlddeliveries) real? I had an online friend who bought stuff for me and ship out. He have the AWB. But I was worry all this is a scam because I need to pay clearance fee of SGD850 (Parcel weight is 6.4kg consist of clothes, perfume, iPhone 12max etc)

  169. Ektaa

    Started chatting with a guy from Instagram then moved to Whatsapp. Started telling me he wants to send me gifts as it was from his mother and that I should accept it. Sent me pictures of all the gifts today morning with a message of a tracking number and weblink to track package. Is PostNL Express legit?? Had a look at the tracking number, looked quiet real. Noticed that the clearance is to be paid by receiver. Almost got tricked into paying $450 (Ksh 52k) for something I had not even asked for. So glad came here before being bullied by the “Handsome” man for paying the fee.

  170. Rita

    No facebook um tal “Marcus” Almeida Pinto ou Pinto Almeida, não sei o seu primeiro nome, só diz para chamar de Marcus. Enviou-me mensagem para o messenger e depois disse que era médico chefe cirurgião ortopedista e que está na Síria em Aleppo pela Nações Unidas numa missão de manutenção de paz, que tem 45 anos é viúvo e que tem uma filha num colégio interno em Londres. Diz que nasceu em Lisboa, mas foi criado na Inglaterra, que os pais morreram num incêndio quando tinha 13 anos e foi para um orfanato porque não tem mais família, o mail dele é almeidapinto888@gmail. Depois pediu para falarmos no hangouts porque na base não podia usar o messenger. Assim que o activei no hangouts o perfil dele do facebook desapareceu, achei estranho, mas ingénua acreditei em tudo o que disse. Depois disse que ia para uma missão e que tinha de me enviar uma encomenda com coisas dele, porque não tinha mais ninguém. No início rejeitei, mas depois ingénua enviei o meu mail e morada e número telemóvel. Depois comecei a receber estes mails de este remetente forneça um endereço postal válido, número de telefone celular e o aeroporto mais próximo. você está se preparando para o envio?
    Os itens listados abaixo estão disponíveis em suas embalagens que foram oficialmente entregues a nós pelo oficial da Cruz Vermelha, Sr. Gabriel Anderson, para posterior entrega a você. Ele será enviado a você através do canal de entrega SURE AIR SURE de primeira classe. Desejo ao homem pelo qual a cruz vermelha pagou e estaremos em seu país a qualquer momento de agora em diante. Envie-nos uma mensagem assim que chegarmos ao seu país, certifique-se de ter seu telefone. Obrigado.
    Conteúdo da embalagem: bolsa marrom, certificado de propriedade e documentos de segurança.

    Peso do certificado original de propriedade e documentos de segurança:

    0. 000.529 libras


    £ 25,23

    Peso total da embalagem:

    25. 23053 libras

    Peso líquido total da embalagem:

    25. 25053 libras

    Cor da embalagem:


    Embalagem do pacote:


    Sr. Malcolm Barrington,
    Diretor de Despacho.
    FastReliable 24 horas ENVIO ONLINE
    Pedem 1600€ para libertação da encomenda e pedem os meus dados e sempre a dizer que tenho 48 horas para pagar. Mas como, não me enviaram factura nem ninguém veio à morada e como já estava a achar tudo muito estranho mandei mail para eles me enviarem o número de rastreio e a factura. Só responderam a dizer que tinha 48 horas para pagar. Entretanto, enviei um mail à FedEx em Portugal e eles disseram que todos os endereços de mail da FedEx acabam em e que de certeza absoluta aquele mail acima referido não pertencia à FedEx.
    Agora estou com medo pois o tal Marcus envia menssagens para o hangouts a dizer que tenho de pagar porque senão perde a encomenda e que tem documentos e dinheiro que não pode perder e já me ameaçou.
    Alguém pode dizer se o mail é válido?

      1. Rita

        Alguém me pode dizer se este mail pertence à FedEx?

        E se actualmente existe alguma missão em manter a paz das Nações Unidas em Aleppo na Síria?

        1. Yuliya

          Se a Fedex diz que não possui este endereço, então definitivamente não. Eles são os únicos que conhecem todos os seus endereços e domínios.

          1. Rita

            A FedEx de Inglaterra também disse que não pode ser um mail da empresa. O meu medo é que tem os meus dados e ameaçou vir a minha casa quando vier a Portugal. Só me resta esperar que tal não aconteça.

  171. Esperanza Santillana

    Thank you so much I found this, it’s a very great help for every one of us.. Now a days there’s a lot of scammers usually they are fond of having a lot of sweet thoughts to fall on their trap, like all of you here, guy’s I have been experiencing this situation that you have encountered. I have a man who chat with me in my messenger then he said that he wants to have privacy so he use a watssApp as our medium of communication, he told me a lot of things about him, that he is an engineer in the rig with five years contract. He always says a nice things and sweet thoughts that any girls will attract him and be fall in love with his trapped.Then he said that he wanted me to inquire me if how much is the cost of a beautiful and big house here in the Philippines. Because he wanted to buy it for us because he will visit me here and want to have a privacy with me,.Then he wanted me too to visit their country which is Korea, then after that he told me as well to go shopping, because he wanted to send me a valuable things like Apple cell phone,
    diamond earrings,
    diamond ring
    Diamond necklace
    And he said that he send it already.. He also send me the videos of the things inside the package before he send through the #GLOBAL FAST COURIER NATIONWIDE.. but then,I think Im smart enough that I noticed something when he send me the online receipt. After that, he told me the next day that theirs a 40000euro he included in the package. Wow! Impressive and I couldn’t believe it, we only knew each other for 3days then eventually he will trust me immediately? So I’m so curious.. Then after 3days,I received an email from the Parcel #Global fast courier nationwide.. That it stated this way.
    Hello( sir /madam(MY Full Name)

    your parcel just got to us from our express delivery Services sent by A. kuang from Uk and you are charged for

    Administrative ……………………..3,000 Philippine pesos

    Outstanding Fee————2,000 Philippine pesos

    and clearance charges of about ——5,000 Philippine pesos

    And total amount is ==10,000 Philippine pesos

    before we can deliver to your home address ………

    Thank you madam We will send you an account
    details so you can do a bank deposit so after we receive your payment for documentation we will proceed the delivery to your home address .
    Then I forwarded it to the man whom I got fall in love for 3days..coz he is so sweet and Admirable in everything, you might think that they are angel that escaped from heaven. lol. Then he said that I need to follow the instructions and keep insisted that I must pay the said amount stated their. I told him, that the courier he used is a scumbag because, I observed that the sentence and the indent, is wrong. Why should I pay for it? I ask also that, I don’t have enough money to purchase it. He got angry easily like a devil in the hell! Because those things are valuable and theirs 2million he included their.. So I responded that, Im sorry, I don’t want to have it.. Tell the courier to send it back to you soon.. Thanks God I’m smart enough. So to all of us here, be mindful and vigilant as always. God bless us all.

    1. Rita

      Pois comigo também quando recusei pagar ele ficou furioso, e disse que tinha recebido um mail da a dizer que eu recusava a encomenda e que devolvessem ao remetente. Depois ficou amoroso e implorou que pagasse o valor que me pediam porque não podia perder a encomenda, porque tinha dinheiro e documentos valiosos. Eu respondi que não podia pagar. Ele que pedisse o retorno da encomenda. Começou a ameaçar-me que vinha a Portugal e que me ia magoar e a toda a minha família. Bloquei-o no hangounts, apaguei o histórico, as conversas, desinstalei a aplicação e apaguei a minha conta do gmail. Ele apresenta-se como Almeida Pinto, Cirurgião ortopedista numa missão das Nações Unidas em Aleppo Síria. Espero que me deixe em paz e não caiam no conto de fadas.

    2. Wilma

      Is info express delivery company here in the Philippines legit?
      They told me a parcel came from my friend i met in IG. Had send me laptop and smart phone with money inside.
      The sad part i had to pay custom fee, delivery IMF fee of 40 thousand, conversion fee of dollar to peso that it almost amounted to 180 thousand pesos. Will put me to court if i wont pay their asking fee for money laundering. Please what will i do?? My family are now so angry with me for not realizing it as scam.

  172. Anne Polson

    Hi, I’m suppose to receive a box today from SOURCE SECURITY COMPANY in Germany. Have you every heard of this company. Supposedly it has cash from his investments, his medals and documents in it. If I received it should I open it?

    1. Rita

      Não paguem encomendas que não encomendaram. Nem paguem encomendas de outras pessoas com a promessa que depois dá o dinheiro. Não forneçam os seus dados a ninguém!! Eu ia caíndo nessa armadilha! Há muito homens que se fazem passar por amorosos e apaixonados e depois duzem que enviam uma encomenda que temos de pagar para ser libertada! É tudo Scam! Senhoras não caiam nesse conto de fadas!

  173. Karen

    In South America have a GEO COURIER COMPANY?

  174. Em Martin

    I wish I had known this site before. All of the elements of scam presented here happened to me. But I ignored them because my online “boyfriend” to just trust him and I should follow up the email sender. It started with email saying I needed to pay USD1570 as tax before it would be cleared by the US Customs. I should have been warned because they asked to be paid in bitcoin and not through company bank account. Still, my “boyfriend” said. just trust them. Since I could not pay thru their bitcoin wallet, my “bf” said, I could send it to him which I did. And after one payment, another followed. And when it came to delivery, they had excuses.. I needed to pay demurrage charges until it went on for almost two months. When I finally completed the payment, I waited and waited for delivery. Nothing. And no more response. I checked Spring Global Logistics later, it did not appear any more while in the first few days, there was still the website. LESSONS: 1. If they ask for payment, ask them to give you the company account. Then check it. 2. Check with your local customs office to find out if the courier is legitimate. In the Philippines, we can email the Bureau of Customs. 3. Have them give you a photo of the shipment that includes the label. If the courier has no legitimate telephone number, don’t deal with them. No whatsapp, no viber, no celfon. All legitimate businesses have landlines. And get their local counterparts. Someone said that most of the victims are women. I am. and I am 71. But I am wiser after USD2500.00 money scammed. Tuition fee, I guess.

  175. Sam Coln

    Is Goldfast Delivery Service a fraud international shipping company? Anyone deal with them before?

  176. Michelle Pineda

    Is zaplane logistics legit or scam too?

  177. Marimar

    I have going to recieve package from USA its from my boyfriend. And the Prime Express Courier ask me to prepare a 800USD for the delivery. My boyfriend send me the details its already paid. Im here in the Philippines. Is this a scam? Please help me. Im nervous.

    1. Kim

      Is LOGISTICS DELIVERY COMPANY a real or scam?

  178. Hazel

    I also received a message from my WhatsAppthat my package awaits freight clearance as it’s currently on hold here pending final clearance at the luggage department before delivery to my address. They requested to pay a freight fee to facilitate onward delivery to my home address. Upon payment, the delivery will be done immediately to my address.
    The freight fee is: 7,000 pesos
    Is this legit?

  179. nora caliputoc

    i expect a package for my fiancee. in los angeles america.then the professional
    parcel logistics send me msg from Whatsapp ask me to pay for Transit fee which amounting 10 thousand pesos.
    is that possible ?

  180. Osimahon Joy

    I received a mail from Umar Global Courier Service from Ghana. They asked me to pay 1980 cedis to clear the good but I could pay half and when I get the goods, I’ll pay them the remaining half. I paid half and was expecting my goods. They later said they found more items and I’ll have to pay 1505 cedis, that once they confirm payment, they will refund 900 cedis back to me. I’ve searched for them on Google but I didn’t find anything about them. What is going on? Is there anybody I can contact in Ghana shipping authority to help?

  181. juri

    Is safe courier express a scam company?

  182. Henny van Leeuwen-Bakker

    does anyone know the: Fast First Class Delivery Security Company, so called from Australia, the account is in Birmingham?
    I don’t trust it at all

  183. Marlie Dasigan

    Is secured height logistics shipping company legit? I have a package from a friend, but stuck in the customs because they detected valuable treasure in it. When I ask the sender what’s inside the package he said that it has clothes, shoes, phone and bags.

    1. Winnie

      That seems like the kind of stuff a scammer would say.
      Are you sure that the mail really IS from Secured hight….?
      Because their website seems legit.
      Check the senders e-mail adress (try to hover your mouse cursor over the senders adress, then you’ll be able to see if the real senderadress is different from the one you see, that will be a sign of foul play)

  184. Sheila

    This July of 2022 I got scam from bonexcomapany with the logo of globe and its color is yellow. I’m sharing this because i want to help to those people/person who has the same experience as me. Frustrated, trauma and scared is what i feel when their gmail said that they will report me to NBI police I got scared because they already know my location and full name. It started when a guy whose name is Lee Suk, he follow my i.g account and then chat me with his sweet tounge I got hooked by his sweet word and then i feel in love, he even brag his wealthy lifestyle and etc that could empress girls, and one time he ask for my personal information because he want to send a gift to me well at first I’m against with his offer because i don’t need gifts or any material i just want his love but things happen differently when he gets what he want and then he teach me to check my email and confirm those who need to tap at then like i said he has a really sweet tounge that could say u a good response he indeed a scammer and even sent an amount of 7,000php for the shipping in other word for his gift, and i did sent him sa 1,000php because I don’t have a money, then that’s the start of treating me that they report me in nbi police because they have my personal information and I got really scared, well things well end up soon when I realized that their grammar isn’t correct i mean the grammar is really a grammatical error. I am sharing this experience of mine because i have a lesson in this moment of my life and that’s to check their grammar and don’t get your emotion resurfaced your thinking☺️

  185. Ruffe

    Can i ask of Airtrust company is legit? Please give me an idea

  186. Greg Hull

    Has anyone ever heard of a company called Or how about and a person named Crystal Sandoval? I bought a TV from this company and I kept asking for a tracking number and I was finally given a tracking number and a webpage called which looks like a shipping company but they have no real email addresses…they all have the “@” symbol in the middle of them and one of their phone numbers gives a fast busy signal and the other number nobody ever answers! No shipping companies I know of have no way to contact them! The supposed shipping company’s address listed on their web page is The Charles hotel in Atlanta, GA! The person I dealt with at the supposed furniture company was named Crystal Sandoval! Their supposed showroom address is the Gallaria Mall in Houston, TX! I spoke with the security guard and they have never heard of this company and have no record of them ever being in the directory of stores! This is a high end shopping mall! If anyone has ever heard of this outfit or these people I would love to hear from you!

    1. Dionah

      Is skyworld logistics a ligit? I check tracking number looks legit but I need to pay the package $600

  187. David

    Has anyone heard of a company called TNT Discreet Courrier

  188. Jb

    Are these emails of couriers legit? and coz i dnt see any headings on their emails or logo of their shipping company? Just wondering why they ae not using the comapny email address or domain? Pls advice and send to my email. Thank you.

  189. Amalia

    How to know

  190. Felecia

    Is secure height logistics shipping company is legit? I have a package from a friend then they told me na i need to pay the clearance fee and certificate of owner and now they did’nt send the tracking number then they didn’t process the package

  191. Sungani Dinner Nkhoma

    Goodmornig thanks I have acall that tell me I have my package but it need custom clearance money R2520 then they will deliver to my home his name says Kabelo reference number of the package is XWZ 07361UK

    1. Pyang

      Same as with my experience, I met a man in Instagram after few sweet messages he asked me that we communicate in whatsapp rather than the instagram, we started exchanging messages in whatsapp and he told me that he would send me gifts because Im a good friend, and I agree with it. He send pictures of the gifts and the videos that he send the parcels already to the shipping company. He said that the shipping company will contact me on whatsapp/gmail when the parcel will reached in our country. After sending the parcel to the shipping company, he told me that he pays already the customs fee and charge but I need to pay for the local charge since the shipping company will not allowed him to pay for the local charge, and he said he put 10,000 Dollars to the package so I can use it to pay when the parcel will delivered. When the parcel arrived, the shipping company message me on whatsapp and ask me to pay 6,000 so they can deliver the package. I paid them thru GCash but after paying them, the shipping company said that the customs scanned and found out that the parcel has money and documents so I have to pay 12,000 for the department who will help me for the process of insurance and taxes, they threatened me that I will be in court for money laundering if I will not pay them immediately, I contact the sender and said that I will not receive the package anymore, but then he pleaded that he will need the documents and he will pay the half of it which is 6,000 and I will pay the 6,000. So I pay the shipping company 6,000 and ask them after if we are clear and the package will be delivered the day after I send the payment and they said yes. The next day the shipping company message me on whatsapp saying that they are ready to deliver the parcel but I need to pay 3,000 before they deliver. I argue with them and they said that the parcel is in the police station. I message the sender ask him to pay the 3,000 cause I dont have money anymore. I said that he is a scammer and I will report him and the shipping company to bureau of customs, and he said that if I suspect him he was gonna hurt me and he said that he was not a scammer and he will send it to his Auntie. I told him that just send it to his auntie cause I have enough and I don’t have money to pay for it. After that he message me “Hi”, and the shipping company but I did not seen their message, and delete my account on Whatsapp.

  192. Lorez

    Quick Express Delivery is tried to Investment platform ( Expert Option Mobile Trading, Richway assets and Quick Investment Payout Company) First The investment company is supposed to be investing for you and give profits. You are asked to pay extraction fee, trading fee, system fee, withdrawal fee every time you try to receive your said profits from trading. I decided to dig deeper and find help. I found someone who said they knew the CEO of Trading company and could help get my profits or my initial investment back $17,000US. I thought I could trust this person they seemed genuine. But the CEO asked for a shipping fee the send my profits via Private Courier Service (QUICK EXPRESS DELIVERY.COM) then package will after customs transfer to DHL and funds will be at my door step. Now I asked several times and ways. How can you send cash through mail? There is a limit of $10,000. They were going to send my $113000. He assured me this is how some business is conducted through Private courier. I quest I watch too much TV and put my good sense aside and believed him/ them. Next thing I paid $780 to start process then they needed $1550. The person who helped me reach the CEO even assisted with $500 dollars of the $1550. This has all been paid to digital wallet(Bitcoin). Next they send photos and tracking number of this package which is now on HOLD requiring customs and VAT fee of $2500US dollars. I am out of funds. The person again who helped me reach CEO paid $700 of the $2500. Mind you I assume they paid they send a screen shot showing a payment but it could be a doctored photo I don’t know. Anyway they want me to pay the balance now right away. This scam started and every time you think you will receive your funds a fee pops up. It seems they have multiple players in on it they have a website for the delivery company but no one answers, they want you to call WHATSAPP number. What legitimate company used WhatsApp to contact customers? They have a fate credit union which they charge you activation fee to withdraw your profits. Their trading website charges crazy fees. Bottom line It all appears to be a big scam and I fell for it and thought I would be to get my hard earned money back( told me 7 years to save) The investment was to help me girls go to school. I work three jobs now trying to catch up. Everyone Please BEWARE Of These SCAMMERS

    1. Eglė

      Maybe u can say what the mail they wrote to u?

  193. Eglė

    Did someone know express mail services?

  194. Cheryl

    I have a package at the airport, transported by Quick Step Logistics, and I received a text saying that my package was on hold and wouldn’t be delivered until I paid a 95% refundable insurance fee of $210. Has anyone ever dealt with this sort of thing?

    1. Colton

      I just received the same message , did you ever figure out anything ?

  195. wep

    i got a message from watssup they said they are the fastway express delivery and someone in florida send me a package and they want me to pay the delivery charge 3000 pesos before they dispatch the parcel into the final distination they ask me to pay using online banking or gcash. they also attached there gcash number ….. i did not pay i tell them return back the parcel to the sender

  196. Mary sikilai

    Please help me get the Stanbic courier number,,ihave been send some goods but am just getting a call from a girl saying that she’s the owner

  197. Cindy Holt

    Is Global Spectrum Delivery ligitment

  198. Akmal Yusoff

    is Trust Fast Delivery legit? they want me to pay 500usd for final delivery process. They can pay Installment with min 50usd. It is safe?

  199. Allison Philpott

    Hi I’m selling a dress , apparently the lady who wants is sending a courier to pick the dress and pay me at the same time . The catch i think is , I have to pay $170 for insurance before online to Postal Express to get the sale but she said she has added that amount to the dress total !!!! I’ve never done that before but it seems dodgy!?!? Is it ???

  200. We

    have a parcel to be delivered from Links Global Express….the want me to confirm address, but they are asking me to reply back with Topic: UN GLOBAL EXPRESS
    COURIER Service

  201. Frank

    well I got a prescription from my doctor, my ins would not cover it, so i thought i could find it on the internet and did ( a lot cheaper) so i purchased it and the sent me a tracking # with this diamon express delivery? go on the internet find this diamon express put in the tracking # said on the way.. 2 days later i receive an e-mail telling me they put it on hold pending a prescription i have one want to send it but wont tell me where to send it? the guy texted me this morning before i even knew about the e-mail i received and told me this package is on hold and needs a prescription, i told him i have one , so he told me to send a $1000 for his doctor to send a prescription to the company? i told him i have one he said send it to me, i dont want to do this? what do you make of this? thanks in advance for anyones help?

  202. -

    Is it bonex delivery company legit?

  203. Reich

    Same case here. I met a guy named Shawn Adams. Met him on ig and then give his whatsapp number so we can talk there. We’ve been talking for a month and then recently he told me that he bought something for me,he actually send me a video of things he said he bought (those vid has no sound so kind of sus) Then the other day, I have received an email telling me that the package just arrived here in my country and I have been charged with 20,000 pesos before the package will be deliver to me. Received a message on whatsapp too that notifying me on the arrival of package. They keep on messaging me because I’m not replying to their email and message about the payment. So I ask them why do I need to pay for the 20,000? They said it’s for the country tax and shipping fee. Back to the guy, I informed him about it then he said he already paid for everything and didn’t know that I’m gonna pay for extra charges so he keep asking me to pay for the 20,000 as quick as possible so they can deliver the package to me. I said I don’t have extra money to pay for it then keep on asking me to borrow to my friends, family or neighbours lol. Then I ask him for a tracking number if there’s any, he gave me a copy of the tracking via SkylimitDelivery. I can trace it but I don’t know if it’s legit. How will I know?

  204. julie wahl

    I was also on the verge of getting scammed. They are also using Flit Wave (spelled like that) to scam ppl. Please Make a note so when ppl look it up, its listed under this speliing also. Im glad i figured it out.

  205. Cilla

    Thank you so much I found this, it’s a very great help for me and every one. I have been experiencing this situation that you have encountered. I have a man who chat with me in instagram then he said that he is not using instagram actively so he ask my watssApp number and we start to have a chat. medium of communication, he told me a lot of things about him, that he is an engineer by profession in the rig, he just got cheat by his ‘8 month’ girlfriend who have plan for married. He always says a nice things and sweet thoughts, but he will not remember any other information that you inform to him. He asked about how i believe in soulmate and meet our soulmates thru online..haa..He will also asked if we want relocate if our partner live in other country. He said his name is Chung Wong, live in UK, South Korean, and orphan who his parents died in car accident and he and his sister were taking care by her aunt. His sister lives in Singapore. He said he won project and will stay in Turkey for one month and wanted to send me a gift because i pray for him, he sent me video that he his in the mall which show Gucci, Channel bags and jewelry, etc (he didn’t show his face) and he said that he send it and will come in 2 days (lol) .. He also send me the videos of the things inside the package before he send through the #FAST LANE COURIER SERVICE.. He also said that there will be overweight charge for the package, but i have to pay it directly therefore he put money in envelope in the package to pay back my money. I just said ‘ok. it’s so nice of you’. then i keep chat with him until 2 days, in this moment he said he is in the ship because of his offshore work, he also send video that will show you the inside of the ship (and he didn’t show his face in the video). in two days he chat me actively, then the shipment contact me same as like other story above, i need to pay 500 dollar before get my package. They give me the private local bank account (no company – which is weird), this is one of their local staff account their said. I directly check the account number who leads me to the report on the internet that their account have reported for schamming online, i also checking other shipment service which has the same name and found out it also fraud (they make website who will connect to watsaap for chat and their will assure you its one of their service. I return back to them and asked for other bank account but their keep defends and force me to pay, they said only give me time until tomorrow for payment.
    in next day the shipment and my friend contact me asking about the package but i’m not reply their message.
    at this time there are 3 other ‘man’ who follow may instagram and chat me, same as this. I notify my friend and restrict him on instagram for those man.
    Hope any other woman who are experiencing it will found this thread.

  206. Rose

    Does 3HD FORWARD DELIVERY SERY exist? I have a package but it is stuck at the moment and I checked the trucking number and it’s currently under clearance but for it to be delivered i need to pay a big amount of money.

  207. Vanessa

    I got a request to “help” someone receive a package through “Defence Force” courier service because they say I’m the only person they can trust and I’ve never met this person before. The email they want me to go to is
    This doesn’t look like a courier service to me. Has anyone seen this email address before? They want me enter my home address but I don’t trust it. Am I being paranoid or is this a real email address?

  208. Gemma

    Hi. Can i ask if anybody her is know the secure height logistics company.

  209. Adele

    Try to track my package from USA to South Africa from company name Delivery Express 0000 the company used FedEx Ben Morgan

  210. Zhyre

    Can anyone familiar withe these MOVE-HUB EXPRESS they told me that payment first before they delivered in my address?

  211. Dihandra

    United airtrust delivery company is this company fake

  212. Jhen

    Fcdel company is t legit or not

  213. Fena

    I have a gift, but sent it via private delivery service, company name is kahoob, I searched for the website but nothing. I was told to pay for the delivery of $3500, via bank transfer or bitcoin, that’s a lot of money. I wonder if Private delivery service really exists? I never heard of it.
    What’s more do not have a website. I’m afraid it’s a scam and they’re cooperatingme

  214. Boitumelo

    I need help in checking if my package from dubai to south Africa is legit or is it another scam please help

  215. Gloria

    How do I report a scam from sigma delivery service from the UK ?they sat they have a parcel that can’t be delivered until I pay $3,100 for insurance.

    1. Securelist

      Hi Gloria!

      You can try to report it to your local law enforcement agency. If you don’t know how to report an internet scam to them, try searching the info on their website or contacting them directly with this question.

  216. Nadine

    Hi, can i ask if Logistics 365 is a legit shipping company. when i check them there is a company with the same name but its spelt different. Logistics three sixty five.

    i just want to ship my goods… anyone have a cheaper reliable company.

  217. Will

    I ordered a package and it was shipped through I think what’s called “delta logistics.” I woke up this morning to a text about how my package was stopped by customs and needed 3 restricted stamps for 450 dollars to keep shipping. Someone please help me to know if this is a scam.

  218. Oksana Demcenko

    Sombay now company trans cargo or it’s real because tham sent me mesage i need pay for my parcel stamps 1,899£

  219. Milka Wing

    hi, i got an email from a company called “express247”, Is Express247 Delivery company legit? I had a package from a friend, but they said it’s stuck at customs. I’m weary.

  220. Nics

    How about ukmail? They need 2000 before they deliver it.

  221. Kimberly M Barefoot

    I have been talking to a friend for 6 months now that has been trying to send me a gift from United Kingdom supposedly is where it is coming from and it reached to they said California and the delivery service is called MAX line delivery. I sent a payment of $285 for clearance now they’re saying I have to pay a bribery fee it was $1,000 and went down to $200 I still refuse that now they’re saying I’ve got to pay illegal payment so I’m not sure what that is can somebody please help me

  222. Belem

    Pues estoy preocupada según un amigo de hongkont me envió según algo y yo tenia que pagar lo de la aduana para que me lo entreguen y tenia que depositar 600 pesos para poder recibir el paquete de mi amigo pero en el mensaje de correo me comenta con el nombre de mi amigo que ya esta el paquete aquí y para que me entreguen tengo que pagar pues ya deposite y no se si sea estafa o qué debo hace

  223. Babyann grutas

    Is the fastlanee fast delivery service is legit?

  224. Jazz

    is crystal delivery express legit?

  225. David Edward John Mulligan

    Global Mail Logistics have asked me for £210 for a UK internal delivery for so called refundable insurance fee. Sounds ridiculous to me ??

  226. DEan George M. Tortola

    Thank you for enlightening me about the modus of online scammer. Can I request you to help verifying the authenticity of courier names and email add used whether it is fictitious or not?

  227. DEan George M. Tortola

    Is the name of the courier SWIFT WAVE CARGO and email add legitimate or not?

  228. shelly

    i had someone who reached out to me wanting me to hold a package for him until he gets back to the states. the company that he said was going to deliver it was Skynetlimited ltd. and that i would have to pay a clearnace fee of 600.00 to deliver the package i was told that they tried to pay for all the delivery charges when it was shipped and said they were told that the receiver had to pay the clearance fee to have it delivered to their home. They are wanting me to use either zelle or cash app for the payment. does this sound legit to anyone or just a scam?

    any help would be appreciated

    1. Rhodelyn Anne Caalim

      Worldwide delivery
      Worldwide service
      Good morning

      Thank you for using Worldwide transportation.
      We provide the smoothest and most attractive worldwide shipping !!!

      My name is Diego the General Manager of the Worldwide Company of Italy
      We would like to inform you that you have a parcel from Mr Cheong yon from North Korea .
      Your parcel has just arrived here in the Philippine held for:

      * Import tax *
      * Shipping cost *

      * And custom fee*

      Due to this order, your parcel will be held, before the parcel will be delivered to you, you will need to pay strict important taxes, airport restrictions and shipping (3,000 Pesos) Philippine

      We will deliver your luggage as soon as payment is received.

      * Note: Luggage is not allowed to be kept in the office for a long time as soon as payment has been confirmed, inconvenience may occur. But you must understand that everything is necessary and must be a gibbons before the bag can be delivered to your address

      Please note that you send an official message back asking for your payment account det

      -I wanna know if this is legit? Because the courier company is calling on whatsapp. Same scenarios on the above comments

  229. Jane Linguete

    Can anyone tell me about Corea Express Delivery? Are this Courier is legit?

  230. Patty

    I was scammed by two different delivery services gobalswiftcarriers was one of them all they did was keep asking for more money so they could ship the puppy I purchased.

  231. Chris Stevens

    Is Spring courier Express a legit courier service in Australia?
    I think I’ve been scammed

  232. gu

    Hi, does someone knows if the delivery company “elite express cargo” is safe? A friend sent me a package from NY and first I needed to pay 2.2k to get the package then they said they found about 80k inside the package and I need to pay 16k for the declaration certificate. If I don’t pay I could have ended in jail they said. Thx for helping

  233. K. Turtle Kent

    Great to be aware! Thanks

  234. Joana a guy named Keem Ali Rashid supposed send me a package and give me all information for the carrier Naco Express delivery send me copy of the receipt and tracking number also a link to track the shipment I check and said works partner with FedEx but at FedEx tracking that never exist. The day of the delivery I got an email asking me for delivery fees to pay I reply saying I can’t pay and return to the sender asap they offer to low the fees but I tell them I don’t pay so they email me back saying they return the package then I know this was a scam because the company here is for freight and moving … some people get into their lies is so sad .

  235. Jamesken

    Be aware today it happen to me she me a package …it was arrived in manila someone call me asking 600 dollar for costum fee my god that was scammer a pilipino girls was calling me be aware

  236. Jem Saragina

    anyone familiar with Safe Move Logistics? is it legit? thankyou.

  237. jean mateo

    is express miles logistic are authentic or fake? someone send a package i doubt if its true or fake..

  238. Saiva

    I have a question, the delivery company sends its bank account to pay money for the package… For example, I need to send money to their bank accounts, after the package is picked up. I mean Express Courier Services. they said, it’s our bank accounts, send money here?

  239. Grace Manjano

    I have been scammed in the name of receiving a parcel from abroad, i was told send a urge amount of money which i did

  240. Sonia

    South coast
    Is this legit? Can someone help please


    Is trustway courier service legit? They said i have package and i have to pay the sum of ₱4450.00 to be delivered on my doorstep. Is true? Do i have to pay that much for a package?

  242. Adam

    Max courier Express delivery is real ?

  243. Hans Spischak

    Hallo, ich habe eine Mail bekommen und bin mir nicht sicher, ob das ein Fake ist. Können Sie mir dazu etwas sagen?

  244. Charles Blouin

    Avian Transportation is a scam company been trying to get my package with no results most of there pages are non existent 24/7 customer support does not respond to requests $400 for insurance deposit and inter country shipping they want me to pay $500 for customs stamps??????

  245. Luis

    Alguien sabe si la empresa kim cargo express delivery company existe?


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