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Anyone who’s been reading tech news lately may have noticed items about a Kris Kaspersky. People have been asking us about this, since some media sources think there is a connection between Eugene and Kris. Just to clear things up for our readers – no there isn’t. Kris is not and never was affiliated with Kaspersky Lab. Nor is Kris related to Eugene.

A picture is often worth a thousand words:



Not related

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APT trends report Q3 2022

This is our latest summary of advanced persistent threat (APT) activities, focusing on events that we observed during Q3 2022.

APT10: Tracking down LODEINFO 2022, part I

The first part of this report will provide technical analysis of the new infection methods such as SFX files and DOWNIISSA, a new downloader shellcode used to deploy the LODEINFO backdoor.

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