New unpatched Windows vulnerabilities

Three new MS Windows vulnerabilties have been published, along with ‘Proof of Concept’ exploit codes.
All vulnerabilties reported are targeted at NT based systems, NT, 2000, 2003 and XP.

This involves one overflow in Windows its winhlp32.exe file, which is used to open .hlp files.
The other vulnerabilities don’t affect Windows XP/SP2, showing again that XP/SP2 seems to be more secure than previous versions.

This includes a vulnerability with which a specially crafted .bmp, .cur, .ico or .ani file can cause arbitrary code to be run.
The other vulnerability is a DoS, a specially crafted .ani file can cause the system to crash.

An ‘arbitrary code exection’ vulnerability, which can be considered extremely critical, released one day before Christmas, not an ideal situation to say the least.
Yet another reason to be even more careful these holidays.

New unpatched Windows vulnerabilities

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