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New Trojan for Symbian-based mobile phones

There’s recently been a lot of noise about a new trojan for mobile phones (namely, the so-called Gavno trojan). According to Simworks, the new malware affects certain types of mobile devices, making it impossible to use them to make telephone calls.

Analysis of the malware sample showed that it is nothing more than a small text file pretending to be an application, packed into a standard Symbian archive (SIS). Symbian OS attempting to execute an unexecutable file is probably the reason why an infected device becomes virtually useless.

The new trojan is detected as Trojan.SymbOS.Locknut.a.

We also have samples of Worm.SymbOS.Cabir (detected as Cabir.h and .i) that include the Trojan.SymbOS.Locknut.a installation. So, there is the possiblity of Trojan.SymbOS.Locknut.a spreading in the wild via BlueTooth along with Cabir.

New Trojan for Symbian-based mobile phones

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