New file-encryptor on the loose in Russia

Here in Russia we are getting letters from users who have been hit by Virus.Win32.JuNy.b. This virus is very similar to Virus.Win32.GPCode. It encrypts files on the local system. The sender then attempts to blackmail the victim. Currently the price for having your files de-encrypted is 20 dollars in web money.

We have been detecting JuNy.b since September 29. Everybody should make sure they have updated their antivirus databases. However, if you do get hit please contact us at ASAP. You’ll know if you’ve been hit if you suddenly can’t access a large number of files and you have a text file (the name is in Russian and roughly translates as “C****_has come to visit”) either on your desktop or in the temp folder.

Note: At the time of writing, Virus.Win32.JuNy.b is spreading only in Russia. If we get reports from other countries we will post an update on the blog.

New file-encryptor on the loose in Russia

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