Microsoft pays up

Microsoft has announced that the $250,000 reward which was on the head of the Sasser author will be handed out to the two people who have lead to the arrest of Sven Jaschan.
The money will be split in two, which means each person gets $125,000.

This is a bit surprising as shortly after Jaschan’s arrest, sources claimed that MS wouldn’t pay up due to an alledged connection between Jaschan and the two individuals. Apparently this is not the case.

I’m still in doubt whether Jaschan would have received a (significantly) higher punishment if he had been 18 instead of 17.

In the AV industry there are some very young individuals at pretty important places which require quite some sense of responsibility.
Yet the verdicts which young blackhats, minor or no minor, receive are mild. Their age, and lacking sense of responsibility because of that age, play a great part in the judges their rulings.

Those things don’t add up to me.

Microsoft pays up

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