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April’s Top Ten Occurring Viruses

Anti-virus software developer Sophos has released its latest monthly report concerning the top ten most frequently occurring viruses for the month of April 2001.

Moving up three spaces and taking over the top spot this month is the Windows 32 virus I-Worm.Magistr coming in at 27.4%, followed by the persistent Kakworm holding down the second slot from last month at 14.0%.

A trio of Windows 32 viruses comes in at numbers three through five: I-Worm.Hybris holding steady at number 3 at 12.6%; I-Worm.MTX (a.k.a. Apology) dropping from the top spot last month to number four at 9.3%; and Win32.FunLove (a.k.a Flcss) moving back into the top ten after a month’s absence in the number five slot at 5.1%.

The infamous Win95.CIH (a.k.a. Chernobyl) virus, as is its yearly habit due to the trigger date coinciding with April 26, re-enters the top ten at number six at 2.8%, and another Windows 32 virus, I-Worm.Badtrans, makes its debut, also at number six, at 2.8%.

The top ten is rounded out by the re-entry Worm.Qaz in the eighth slot at 2.3%; Macro.Word97.Marker maintaining its spot at number eight at 2.3%; and Worm.RC5.a (a.k.a. Bymer) also in the eighth slot at 2.3% as a holdover from last month.

The remaining 19.1% of the frequently occurring viruses, as always, is occupied by various other worms, viruses, and Trojan horses.

April’s Top Ten Occurring Viruses

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