Red October – Java Exploit Delivery Vector Analysis

Since the publication of our report, our colleagues from Seculert have discovered and posted a blog about the usage of another delivery vector in the Red October attacks. In addition to Office documents (CVE-2009-3129, CVE-2010-3333, CVE-2012-0158), it appears that the attackers also infiltrated victim network(s) via Java exploitation (35f1572eb7759cb7a66ca459c093e8a1 – NewsFinder.jar), known as the Rhino exploit (CVE-2011-3544). Read Full Article

29c3 Hamburg / DE

The last week of 2012 marked the 29th installment of the Chaos Communication Congress. Organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC), the congress is an annual conference on technology and its impact on society. Although the scope may look quite loose, both lectures and workshops typically revolve around privacy, freedom of information, data security and other hacking issues. Read Full Article


Microsoft just publicly announced a release to actively “untrust” three certificates issued by Certificate Authority TURKTRUST, a subsidiary of the Turkish Armed Forces ELELE Foundation Company. According to Microsoft, the company made several mistakes resulting in fraudulent certificates issued that could be used to MiTM encrypted communications with gmail or other google properties.

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