New Gpcode – mostly hot air

The latest Gpcode variant, which we wrote about here, is much less of a threat than its predecessors. The claims made by the author about the use of AES-256 and the enormous number of unique keys were a bluff. The author even didn’t use a public key in encryption, so all the information needed… Read Full Article

Gpcode – here we go again

Today we have made a disquieting discovery – a new Gpcode has appeared. We immediately began searching for samples on the Internet and talking to victims. We have received some information from victims already. After some digging, we did manage to find a sample that answers the descriptions… Read Full Article

Social engineering on Twitter

This week it’s Twitter’s turn to host an attack targeting both Twitter users and the Internet community at large. In this case it’s a malicious Twitter profile[skip]/ with a name that is Portuguese for ‘pretty rabbit’ which has a photo advertising a video with… Read Full Article