David Jacoby

Senior Security Researcher, Global Research & Analysis Team

David joined Kaspersky in 2010 as a senior security researcher for the Nordic region. From his base in Sweden, he is also responsible for technical PR activities for the same region and for North Europe, where he acts as a technical spokesperson. David has a passion for researching vulnerabilities and threats. His research often focuses on identifying vulnerabilities and threats in not only enterprise environments but also identifying social and psychological threats in, for example, social media. He also has a true passion for alternative operating systems such as UNIX, Linux, BSD, etc. Prior to joining Kaspersky, David worked in vulnerability research and vulnerability management. He was a senior security researcher, advisor and consultant at TrueSec AB. Before joining TrueSec AB in 2008, David worked for seven years at Outpost24, starting out as chief researcher and rising to vice president for customer experience by the time he left the company.


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