Honey traps on the Internet

In the world of espionage, a 'honey trap' traditionally involves a seductive encounter designed to coax information out of an agent, or to compromise him in his work.

Of course, the life of an ordinary person rarely features such mysteries and dangers. However, he (and in the vast majority of cases it is men who are the intended targets) should be watchful too. Numerous scammers, marriage fraudsters and other shadowy characters are out to manipulate the natural human desire to find a partner. This kind of criminal has long chosen the Internet to set traps on the web pages and through advertising. They even cast their nets into your email box. So the virtual "honey trap" is not uncommon on the World Wide Web - and once dazzled by a momentary passion, a user can easily find himself left without money or with a nasty infection on his machine.

Pleased to meet you?

Online dating sites have long occupied their niche on the Internet. There are millions of users registered on major dating resources (match.com, badoo.com mamba.ru, loveplanet.ru) and the popularity of online dating could hardly escape the attention of fraudsters.

Spam emails inviting the reader "to meet a nice young girl" or just "spend a night" have become quite common. Of course, they are in no way related to the major dating portals. Responsible sites care about their reputation and regularly check their users, while on the contrary spam emphasizes that registration is not required on the sites being advertised. By clicking the links in these emails the user runs the risk of infecting his computer with malware which is usually downloaded instead of the promised photos of a beautiful stranger.

Below is an email in Russian containing an advert from an online dating site. The message offers the chance to make new friends and start serious relationships. Dates can be arranged, while special apps are offered to chat, flirt and rate photos. The recipient first needs to register.

From: Лаура
Subject: Интим Mamba - сладкие знакомства!

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