A Web of (Mis)Trust?

At our international press tour held in Moscow in early February, we spoke about the dissolution of trust on the internet and discussed the possibility of Certificate Authority subversion and the impact of abused digital certificates.

This unfortunate moment is arriving sooner than we wanted. This past week, another concrete example of the very foundation of trust on the web was shaken with the final coordination of an effort between a compromised Certificate Authority and web browser providers. Read Full Article

Twitter – Malware through time

Twitter is celebrating its 5th birthday this week. Since its inception in July of 2006 Twitter has grown to become an essential part of many people’s daily lives in just 140 characters. Twitter has also spawned multiple malware campaigns and continues to to be a successful avenue of attack to this day . Read Full Article

The decline and fall of Slammer?

Me and Slammer (Helkern) go back a long way…to 25 January 2003 to be precise. It was a baptism of fire for me in my new role as a virus analyst at Kaspersky Lab. It was a weekend and I was alone, in charge of monitoring the incoming flow of suspicious files. I had barely been at the company a month Read Full Article