Crimeware and financial predictions for 2023

As the financial threat landscape has been evolving dramatically over the past few years, Kaspersky experts believe it is no longer enough to look at the threats to traditional financial institutions. We must assess financial threats as a whole. The cybercrime market has been developing extensively, with the overwhelming majority of attackers pursuing one goal – financial profit.
This year, Kaspersky researchers have decided to adjust their predictions accordingly, expanding them to encompass both crimeware developments and financial cyberthreats. In a webinar on crimeware and financial threats, Kaspersky’s GReAT representatives – Dan Demeter, Dmitry Galov, and Marc Rivero – will analyze the key events and trends of 2022 and forecast several important tendencies expected in 2023.


  • A look back at 2022 financial cyberthreats predictions
  • An overview of significant events and trends of 2022
  • Predictions for 2023
  • Q&A session