Dmitry Galov

Head of Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) Russia and CIS Unit

Dmitry Galov serves as the Head of Kaspersky's Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) Russia and CIS Unit. In this influential role, he leads the team of experts in charge of researching the most sophisticated cases related to APTs and financially motivated attacks. Dmitry embarked on his journey with Kaspersky in September 2015 as an intern and later joined GReAT in August 2018, gradually progressing to become Senior Security Researcher. Before assuming his current position, he spearheaded the crimeware research group, showcasing his leadership capabilities. Dmitry is an expert with a profound understanding of various threats. His extensive research, covering topics such as non-Windows malware, future connected healthcare, cyber-espionage campaigns, and ransomware, has been published on, a testament to his expertise and contributions. Known for his exceptional public speaking skills, Dmitry frequently represents Kaspersky at global and local events, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. Additionally, he actively participates in the creation of webinars and videos that delve into the realm of cybersecurity.



APT trends report Q1 2024

The report features the most significant developments relating to APT groups in Q1 2024, including the new malware campaigns DuneQuixote and Durian, and hacktivist activity.

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