October 2002

Malware reports

Virus Top Twenty – September 2002

Kaspersky Labs presents the Virus Top 20 for the month of September.

The percentage shown represents the percentage of registered incidences.

I-Worm.Klez 72.93
I-Worm.Lentin 23.62
Win95.CIH 0.27
Trojan.Win32.Filecoder 0.17
Macro.Word97.Thus 0.13
I-Worm.Sircam 0.13
I-Worm.Magistr 0.11
Macro.Word97.Flop 0.04
I-Worm.Cervivec 0.04
I-Worm.Hybris 0.03
Backdoor.Death 0.03
Macro.Word97.Ethan 0.03
Win32.FunLove 0.02
Macro.Word97.Marker 0.02
Macro.Word97.TheSecond 0.02
Trojan.PSW.M2 0.01
Backdoor.Antilam 0.01
Worm.Linux.Slapper 0.01
Palm.Phage 0.01
Nuker.Win32.Nabber 0.01

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