BlackHat USA 2011

“Men’s minds have difficulty adapting to things with which they have no experience.”

Almost 10,000 security pros, hackers and interested folks gathered at BlackHat USA this morning at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The morning began with a keynote talk from 28 year CIA counter-terrorism veteran, Ambassador Cofer Black, comparing the evolution of recent, past global conflict with the world of cyber security.

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From Cocos Islands to Cameroon

The cybercrime business is really no different from other types of business such as pasta making or selling spare parts for cars. It has its own expenses and overheads. A hacker, just like any businessman, tries to save on attacks and keep their costs down. Read Full Article

Patch Tuesday June 2011

Patches are up! This month’s patch Tuesday is a sizable one by any standards. Microsoft is patching a total of 34 vulnerabilities in 16 bulletins. At least eight different product lines are updated. Adobe is coordinating release of Reader, Acrobat, Shockwave and Flash updates as well today. Read Full Article