A long time ago…

We read a blogpost about a fake security solution which fraudulently uses the Kaspersky Lab logo in order to better fool potential victims. We have detected this fake AV since August 6 2008, as not-a-virus:FraudTool.J2ME.KaspAV.a. Read Full Article

Mistyping leads to infections!

Cybercriminals like to register domain names that are very similar to actual, well known domain names but with one or more letters changed. In many cases a potential victim will mistype a letter and in this way arrives at a fake Web site instead of the original one. Read Full Article

Malware in the cloud

We have seen many examples in the past: the use of Twitter as a communication channel for a botnet, using Amazon EC2 for hosting C&Cs for distributing malware. Today we will see how malware maximizes its revenues using this kind of services with a minimum impact on victims computer. Read Full Article