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How scammers employ IPFS for email phishing

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SOC, TI and IR posts

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Bad magic: new APT found in the area of Russo-Ukrainian conflict

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    Meet the GoldenJackal APT group. Don’t expect any howls

    GoldenJackal is an APT group, active since 2019, that usually targets government and diplomatic entities in the Middle East and South Asia. The main feature of this group is a specific toolset of .NET malware, JackalControl, JackalWorm, JackalSteal, JackalPerInfo and JackalScreenWatcher.

    APT trends report Q1 2023

    For more than five years, the Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT) at Kaspersky has been publishing quarterly summaries of advanced persistent threat (APT) activity. These summaries are based on our threat intelligence research; and they provide a representative snapshot of what we have published and discussed in greater detail in our private APT reports.

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