Hack In The Box 2013 KUL

Recently we attended “Hack In The Box 2013” at the Hotel Intercontinental in Kuala Lumpur http://conference.hitb.org/hitbsecconf2013kul/. This conference has its roots in a small gathering of Malaysian security specialists back in 2002 and since then has also been held in… Read Full Article

Under Pressure

Any online project – be it a long-lost blog, or a new start-up’s web app – has a very important performance feature called a “maximum load”. This indicator makes itself known when a web app either partially or fully fails… Read Full Article

HTTPS Working for Malicious Users

Infected websites appear on the Internet literally every day. They include personal blogs on WordPress that become infected during mass, automated attacks, and the websites of major media outlets, each of which malicious users infect manually after some preparatory steps.… Read Full Article

Hackers Target High Profile Domains

During the last days, several high profile domains have been defaced including domains from two prominent security companies. In addition to these, high profile domains such as alexa.com, whatsapp.com and redtube.com were also defaced. From our quick analysis It does… Read Full Article