The Power of Threat Attribution

Tracking, analyzing, interpreting and mitigating constantly evolving IT security threats is a massive undertaking. Threat intelligence has true value beyond the current hype of an emerging pocket in the information security industry. With that, threat attribution is the most prominent point of interest and contention.

Attributing targeted attacks is a powerful and essential tool that:

  • Evaluates if you are a target or an unintended victim.
  • Provide insights into the actors behind the attack and their motivation.
  • Enables effective detection, investigation, containment and response based on the knowledge of the tactics, techniques and procedures specific to the threat actor.

Join us in this webinar to learn how threat attribution can improve security operations and incident response, methodology and pitfalls of attributing threats. Let Kaspersky Threat Attribution Engine provide you with timely insights into the malware’s origin and its possible authors.

Our experts, Vitaly Kamluk and Kirill Vorozhtsov will walk you through threat attribution examples with real-life APT malware samples and how it can be combined with other Threat Intelligence products to secure your business.