Unveiling the Darknet’s Malware-as-a-Service model

Not only do cybercriminals make money by committing cybercrime, but they also expand their operations by offering services to individuals without strong technical skills in malware development. This business model is known as Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS), and it operates on various sites of the “shadow” internet, including the Darknet. MaaS generates stable profits, enabling cybercriminals to maintain a team and continuously improve their services to carry out attacks on companies and individual users.

Through our research, we have identified 97 families of malware that have been distributed in the MaaS format – or “by subscription” – over the last seven years. These families include ransomware, various loaders, backdoors, botnets, and infostealers. In this webinar, Alexander Zabrovsky, Digital Footprint Analyst at Kaspersky, will delve into the inner workings of MaaS in the Darknet and address the most relevant issues:

  • How did malware become a full-fledged product, and how did the “subscription” model become a new standard for cybercriminals?
  • Why has YouTube become one of the key platforms for distributing malware? Who are traffers, and what is their function?
  • Which families of malware are mentioned most often in the Darknet, and how does the Darknet services market depend on the news agenda?