CCB Q4 2021 event: Elaborating on the BlueNoroff’s cryptocurrency hunt

Cryptocurrency wallets are in danger: BlueNoroff, an APT actor known for going after cryptocurrencies, has been draining the accounts of fintech startups in a sophisticated campaign dubbed “SnatchCrypto”, which involves the impersonation of over 20 well-known existing venture capital companies. The actor spreads a full-featured backdoor under the guise of a business-related file, then monitors victims for weeks and even months before cleaning out their wallets. This campaign has already been reported by Kaspersky researchers, who predict that such attacks on crypto are likely to continue.

In this webinar, Seongsu Park, senior security researcher at Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT), elaborates on how the BlueNoroff group cashes in on cryptocurrencies from its victims.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How BlueNoroff abuses the trust of employees
  • How a target’s cryptocurrency assets are drained by the fraudsters
  • Which regions SnatchCrypto victims are in
  • What you can do to stay secure

This presentation originally aired at the fifth online Quarterly Cyber Threat Report event held by The Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium, where security experts from around the world discussed why and how we should change our views on vulnerability management. You can find other webinars from the event on the CCB LiveStorm page.

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