Reversing mobile threats in 2022

Mobile threats rank high in the contemporary threat landscape. Understanding them enables cybersecurity professionals to protect corporate networks more efficiently.
In this webinar, Kaspersky GReAT Lead Security Researcher Victor Chebyshev will present some up-to-date cherry-picked mobile threats which gained traction in 2022. Not only will you become familiar with the evolving cybersecurity challenges of 2022, but you will also scrutinize the most notorious ones! And here is more to come: during the webinar, Victor will reverse engineer a real-life mobile malware sample.

Join the webinar to:

  • be introduced to the key mobile threats of 2022 and learn to reverse engineer them
  • observe reverse engineering of a real-life mobile malware sample
  • get introduced to Kaspersky xTraining’s recent Mobile Malware Reverse Engineering training

Victor will spill the beans on a recent training that he created and produced for the Kaspersky xTraining platform: Mobile Malware Reverse Engineering, a comprehensive on-demand online course aimed at building competence in reverse engineering mobile malware.

The course features static and dynamic analysis of some outstanding and unique malware samples like MagicKarakurt, LightSpy and the DuKong framework and is of great value for gaining experience in addressing mobile attacks.