Online payment details theft via web analytics service: how to stay safe

In June 2020, Kaspersky researchers uncovered a new technique for stealing users’ payment information on online shopping websites — a type of attack known as web skimming. Web skimming is a popular practice used by attackers to steal users’ credit card details from the payment pages of online stores, whereby attackers inject pieces of code into the source code of the website. This malicious code then collects the data inputted by visitors to the site (i.e. payment account logins or credit card numbers) and sends the harvested data to the address specified by attackers in the malicious code.

This time, cybercriminals invented a new technique, abusing the capabilities of Google Analytics. By registering for web analytics accounts and injecting these accounts’ tracking code into the websites’ source code, attackers can collect users’ credit card details. About two dozen online stores worldwide were compromised using this method.

In this webinar you will find out:

  • How cybercriminals manage to gather personal details via the web analytics service
  • Technical analysis of the new malware and its features
  • Best practices to avoid such threats

Read the full report about the new threat on Securelist:

Disclaimer: Kaspersky informed Google of the problem, and they confirmed they have ongoing investments into resolving the issue.