No two attacks are identical: a year in incident response

Daily interaction with organizations that seek assistance with full-scale incident response helps Kaspersky’s Incident Response Team understand the latest cyberthreat trends. After analyzing data containment, digital forensics investigations and malware analysis, as well as helping to improve security processes following incidents, the team now has a great knowledge base with statistical data of recent incidents.

After this panel discussion with experts from different organizations, attendees will understand the latest trends in attack scenarios and the details of some of the most noteworthy cases they faced. This session will be of special interest to representatives of financial organizations, government agencies, and industrial bodies, as well as others.

Today’s speakers:

  • Chris Kubecka, CEO and Founder of HypaSEC, previously established security after Shamoon attack against Saudi Aramco in 2012 – will discuss how global corporates manage cyber risk and what should be changed in their approach to the incident response
  • Ayman Shaaban, Digital Forensics and Incident Response Manager of Kaspersky Global Emergency Response Team (GERT) – will share his knowledge, based on his day-to-day experiences. He will present statistical analysis of recent incidents, the most frequent reasons why the Kaspersky incident response service was requested, and tools used in the attacks
  • Dr. Serge Droz, Chair of the Board of directors of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and seasoned incident responder working at Proton Technologies, will share his vision of global incident response as well as some interesting cases from his practice.