Mobile Malware Reverse Engineering Workshop

Vicious attackers target both Android and iOS devices using specifically designed mobile malware. Consequently, it is imperative that reversers know how to effectively counter such attacks.

In this two-hour workshop, watch our Lead Security Researcher on the Kaspersky Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT), Victor Chebyshev, as he analyzes malicious mobile samples and works through all the necessary steps of Android malware analysis, including Android files meta information analysis (file structure, entrypoints, resources and signatures), the decompilation process, native binary analysis and artifact decryption.

Victor will talk about the specific malicious features of targeted Android and iOS samples, like achieving persistence, data exfiltration and keylogging. Knowing what vectors and methods actors use to infiltrate devices will help easily localize the same code of classified activity.

Victor Chebyshev has been a Lead Senior Security Researcher on the Kaspersky Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) since 2021. He specializes in mobile targeted attacks, research and static reverse engineering.

Victor regularly provides customer training on these subjects and has presented his malware research at the RSA Conference.

If you want to follow along step-by-step please prepare the following development tools:

And download the following samples:

  • 340AF39A061D2C480B52B0954DFBE727
  • 0ea22a4baee75c86f9895e39cbc04572
  • 77ebb4207835c4f5c4d5dfe8ac4c764d
  • 53acd56ca69a04e13e32f7787a021bb5